FRS Digital Asset Management

Managing images, videos, audio and other digital files

FRS Digital Asset Management

Managing images, videos, audio and other digital files

FRS Digital Asset Management

We designed our FRS digital asset management software for use by organizations that are looking for a professional solution to manage images, videos, audio and other digital files. Therefore FRS can effortlessly and securely import, archive, manage, and distribute almost any type and quantity of digital assets, including:

  • photos / images
  • drawings / line-art
  • video / audio content
  • PDF files and documents

Our FRS software recognizes and imports more than 40 file types as standard. However, we’ve designed the FRS digital asset management software so it can be easily extended. As a result, we have created plug-ins for customers which add support for many more types of video- and audio files. Furthermore, we also have plug-ins that handle many popular document formats, such as Word and Excel.

We offer clients a choice of using either  Sybase™ or Oracle™ database technology. Hence you can manage effectively unlimited quantities of data. No matter how many assets you have, FRS ensures they are securely stored in a central database. In addition, we make it quick and easy to find your assets when you need them. Due to the technology we use, searches take just a few seconds. So matching images are displayed almost instantly.

FRS Digital Asset Management

Flexible, Customizable

We’ve designed FRS to be quickly and easily customized. So we’ve been able to create a range of tailor-made applications for clients that include banks, newspapers, publishers, museums and galleries. While this is great for our clients, this flexibility has just one drawback – we can’t describe everything here on-line! Therefore if you want to find out more, please take a look at the FRS MediaLook demo application. You are welcome to create your own Free Trial account, or to request an FRS brochure. Furthermore – if you still have unanswered questions after looking through our site, then please get in touch. We’ll be happy to arrange a demonstration.

If you have your own requirements, FRS can be rapidly customized. So we can integrate FRS into your existing work processes. This also means we can quickly add new features to meet your organization’s changing needs.

Martyn Simpson

Director, Bright Side of Life

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