Signature Registration System

ABN AMRO SRS – Signature Registration System

ABN AMRO is a large international bank with branches in more than 60 countries. They provide a wide range of services to individual payment account holders, small businesses and multinationals.

Important decisions within ABN AMRO are often confirmed by means of a Power of Attorney that is assigned to individual employees. In order to manage transactions between branches, as well as between ABN AMRO and third parties, it is essential that both the signatures and the authority of employees can be checked, irrespective of the location. We were asked to design a system that would improve this process in an efficient and safe manner. Our developers came up with a customized solution: Signature Registration System (SRS).

ABN AMRO Signature Registration System
ABN AMRO Signature Registration System

Powers of Attorney

BSL has developed SRS for the purpose of managing signatures and Powers of Attorney. It is used by ABN AMRO employees throughout the world. There is a continued need to introduce new technologies and improvements to meet the demands of the bank. So we’ve regularly extended and improved the application since SRS was commissioned in 1998. As a result, it still meets the latest requirements, and is a key resource within the bank. The latest version of SRS supports the entire workflow of applying for a new Power of Attorney. It also manages changes or updates to an employees’ authority, and the delivery of information to the local Chambers of Commerce.

It’s a challenging project. SRS now carries out many administrative tasks entirely automatically. As an example: we’ve integrated our software with the ABN AMRO personnel administration system (SAP HR). So double entry of personnel details is no longer needed. We’ve also ported the application from Windows to web applications. We had to meet the strict requirements and guidelines applied within ABN AMRO when designing the web interfaces. In 2016, we migrated the system to a private cloud.


“It is both interesting and challenging to introduce more and more efficiencies and workflow improvements. We’ve worked closely with users and the IT organisation. As a result we could translate their requirements and goals into a perfect technical design. A design that is then used by our engineers to create the software.”


Software Architect , Bright Side of Life

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Keeping up with change

We design our software so it can evolve with the changing wishes of our customers and the market. The SRS system is an excellent example of this strategy. ABN AMRO has successfully used SRS for many years, through many technical changes. This long-term success is largely due to the ability of our developers to respond quickly to the changing wishes of the bank. In close cooperation with ABN AMRO, we designed and developed a completely new SRS web application in 2013.

Safe and secure applications

We develop safe and reliable systems. During the SRS project, we introduced comprehensive security measures. So protecting the database contents and ensuring the integrity of data. SRS uses the central ABN AMRO authentication system, as well as our own set of user profiles. As a result, the authority and functions available to users can be strictly controlled.

Database expertise

We have many years experience with delivering multimedia database solutions. The flexibility of our modular approach means that we can integrate our solutions with your current infrastructure. And thanks to the BSL developed software and applied database technology from Oracle, SRS is fast, reliable and easy to use.

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