BSL Software Support

BSL Software Support

BSL Software Support

Support from BSL, when and where you need it

When new software is first delivered, we naturally provide you with BSL software support – free of cost. But in the long-term, you and your users will also need long-term support and maintenance. Keeping your software up-to-date. Fixing any problems you may encounter too. That’s why we offer our clients BSL software support contracts. Contracts that above all offer guaranteed response times. Not to mention direct access to our support engineers. In other words, you can contact BSL for all your problems and questions.

Diana HazenbergWith a Bright Side of Life maintenance contract, you know exactly where you stand. You can choose one of our standard maintenance agreements. Or also one that’s been customized for you. And by adding an operational support agreement, our engineers are just a phone call away.

Online support

Our Support Site is available 24/7 to customers with a maintenance agreement. Customers use this website to request support. Equally important, they can also follow the progress of outstanding support requests. To use our BSL software support site, you only need a username and password. For more information about software maintenance contracts, please email

Maintenance agreement

Maintenance for your software is provided free of cost for the first three months. We then offer clients an annual maintenance agreement for long-term support. For a fixed yearly fee, you’ll have access to the BSL support site. What is more, we guarantee response times for resolving any problems you report.  We also provide access to our helpdesk, software updates and fixes.  All in all, peace of mind for you and your users!

Operational agreement

We work with several clients that use our software for essential services. For example, banks and newspaper publishers who work around-the-clock. These customers consequently need out-of-hours support from BSL. They can therefore choose to add an operational support agreement. This is an extension to the standard maintenance agreement. With BSL’s operational support contract, we provide you with direct access to our support engineers – during office hours, weekends and 24/7. Calls outside of office hours are redirected to an engineer. Hence you will receive support from an engineer within a maximum of 30 minutes.

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Benefits of a maintenance contract:

  • Guaranteed software uptimes
  • Guaranteed response times
  • 24/7 availability
  • Access to development / test releases
  • Free software updates
  • Technical installation and on-site support services
  • Guaranteed compatibility with your systems
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