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TMG wanted to establish a digital platform designed for modern Dutch women, aged 30 -55. This resulted in the creation of the highly successful ‘‘ website. A platform about real women and real stories. Firmly linked to live events, using real women alongside experts who speak on their behalf. During the development of the website, TMG discovered that they did not have enough experience and knowledge of Drupal in house. So they started looking for Drupal CMS specialists to help them. BSL was the ideal partner, thanks to our years of knowledge and Drupal experience.

Digital platform development - TMG

“The flexibility of Drupal is an important reason for clients to consider this CMS. Drupal is very suitable for extensive corporate websites, such as websites with a customer portal or an online magazine in which forms or downloads can be added.”


Front-end Developer, Bright Side of Life

Digital platform development - TMG

Drupal CMS specialists

Two of our experienced Drupal CMS specialists have helped to create this modern, high-quality TMG website. As part of a SCRUM team, they designed and developed many Drupal modules. In addition, they integrated the Drupal website with content produced within the TMG editorial systems. The site was developed over a series of two-weekly SCRUM iterations, with each ‘Sprint’ based on the requirements defined in the product backlog. In a time frame of less than 3 months we delivered a responsive, high-traffic website that is compatible with almost every browser. The website attracted more than half a million visitors during the first month after the launch.

” During the first month after the site was launched, reached more then 1 million unique users. That was just the beginning. 2,213,135 users visited the site in April 2016, 42% via mobile, 20% via tablet and 38% via desktop. With these results, is in the top 3 of most popular websites for women in the Netherlands within three months.”


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Drupal expertise

Our developers are happy to work with Drupal. It offers a lot of flexibility compared to (for example) WordPress. They can perfectly reproduce any visual design using Drupal. In addition, Drupal makes it easy to give different users access to separate parts of the website. This is useful, for example, in the development of corporate websites. Different users can independently and safely edit their own sections.

Agile software development

By adopting Scrum – part of an Agile approach – you will reach the finish line sooner! Frequently applied to software development projects, Scrum offers short clear project phases/goals and a step-by-step introduction. The most important tasks are carried out first and there is flexibility throughout the development cycle. As a result, changes can be made during the development, and team performance is enhanced.

Responsive websites

The number of mobile website visitors is increasing every year. Therefore, it was a requirement that we created a responsive website. This means that users enjoy the same optimal web experience on every type of screen and device. As a result, the new ‘‘ is fully responsive. A website where 57% of users visit the site via their mobile, 20% via a tablet and 23% via their desktop.

You’re welcome to get in touch with me if you have a project in mind, or want to discuss how best to approach your next development project.


Relations Manager, Bright Side of Life

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