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Keylane – WordPress Website Management

Keylane is a European supplier of modern, customer-oriented SaaS software for the insurance and pension sector. The organization has experienced rapid growth in a short period of time. Currently they employ more than 750 people. And they have more than 100 clients throughout Europe. Their Corporate WordPress Website supports these clients. In addition, the site  helps to find new ones. Available in three languages, and hosting multiple Newsletters and domains, it’s a complex site. What’s more, it has a custom theme and uses many third party plugins. Keylane also has a second WordPress website that focuses just on Recruitment.

Previously, the sites were hosted by a one-man company. This kept the costs low, and Keylane was satisfied with their provider. However, they chose to look for a company with more WordPress specialists. This was because it was difficult for one person to provide around the clock support. And as Keylane grew, they also needed more expertise. In areas such as security, performance, and integration with external systems. They therefore chose BSL, and we started work on the migration. However, not everything went to plan. Several parts of the site had been created using undocumented WordPress modifications. The WordPress core was outdated, and several plug-ins no longer worked.

Keylane - WordPress Website Management
Keylane - WordPress Website Management

WordPress website migration

Our developers were asked to migrate the Keylane sites from the old provider to a new hosting partner: Solid Hosting. The migration wasn’t straightforward, so we first re-created the sites. To do so, we used our own servers and content extracted from a multi-site dump. Firstly, we extracted only the content used by Keylane. We then re-created redirects for the many associated domains. We tested and updated more than 80 plugins. Some of these were eventually removed, improving the performance. After successfully recreating the corporate website, our developers next added SSL support, renewed the plugin licenses, and optimized the page speed. Only then did we install the site on a Solid Hosting server.

Keylane - WordPress Website Management

Migrating the Careers wordpress website was also a challenge. The old structure was so unnecessarily complex that we created a new site. This  was based on a clone of the new corporate website. Quick and efficient! After successfully migrating and enhancing both websites, we offered Keylane a support and maintenance agreement for the long term. We guarantee the availability of both sites, and also keep WordPress and the many plugins up-to-date. All for a fixed annual cost. A long-term solution that a company like Keylane needs as they continue to grow.

Keylane - WordPress Website Management

At BSL, you have come to the right place for…

WordPress specialism

Would you like your current WordPress website modified or optimized? Or do you want us to build a completely new responsive website? Our developers have a lot of experience with WordPress. But they also know the ins and outs of Drupal and Joomla too. At BSL we often use standard CMS systems for delivering interfaces to larger back-end systems. This gives our customers the possibility to adjust the content of the front-end website themselves. Without needing support from our developers. And you can use a simple Drupal / WordPress website to access any of your in-house services.

Integration of backend services and databases

Unlike many other companies that work with WordPress or Drupal, our developers can quickly develop new custom plugins and modules. And then integrate them with back-end services and databases.

Support contract

With a maintenance contract from BSL you know exactly where you stand. You can choose a standard maintenance contract. Or one specially tailored for you. In addition, we offer operational support contracts. This gives you direct access to our engineers during office hours, but also on weekends if you prefer. Even 24/7!

“Migrating, updating and improving a WordPress multisite with no  information from the previous developer was a real challenge for us. Whereas migrating a WordPress website is normally easy, this was a tricky puzzle to solve. But when it finally succeeded, it was very satisfying!”


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