Keylane Careers Website

A new talent acquisition website optimised for search engines

Keylane Careers website

Keylane asked BSL to help design and build a new Careers website to support their Talent Acquisition team. The site’s main aim is to attract more visitors and candidates. To achieve this, we modified the site’s content and design to make it more attractive to search engines. In addition, we’ve made it easier for visitors to find vacancies on the website, and added support for multilingual job descriptions.

Optimized for search engines

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is essential for every website, as, without good SEO, the site will attract few visitors. For example, the previous Keylane Careers website focused solely on job postings with little additional content. Unfortunately, search engines consider this less engaging, leading to a low SEO score – and low organic traffic to your website.

Therefore, we’ve added Blogs and People Stories on the new website, telling visitors more about Keylane and providing examples of what it’s like to work there. The People Stories provide employees with a platform to tell their own stories and describe their work at Keylane. They also include videos and photos for sharing on social media sites. This material is much more attractive than a simple job listing, so the authors can optimise these articles for organic search, making the website more appealing to search engines.

Keylane Careers Website
Keylane Careers Website | Keylane careers vacature website

New website design

Website design also affects SEO scores. For example, we expect to achieve a higher SEO score by improving website performance. Sometimes we achieve this by optimising the size and type of images used on the site. In addition, we also ensure that the site is fully responsive, improving the SEO score even more. As a result, the website provides a good user experience for desktop, tablet and mobile visitors.

We worked on the design with Emily (Digital Animal). She is an experienced designer and developer and has worked at Keylane. Her experience and knowledge of the Keylane organisation were advantages during the project, as she knew who could provide the content we needed. After agreeing on the design with the client, we built the WordPress website in less than a month.

BSL and Digital Animal will train the Keylane content writers in writing SEO-friendly text and adding metadata to the website’s pages. We firmly believe these changes will increase their organic traffic. For example, a similar strategy for another international client led to a more than 400% traffic increase in just a few months.

Keylane Careers Website

Making the job search easier

On the old website, vacancies were segmented by internal business unit, each managed by a specific recruitment team. However, this segmentation is relatively meaningless to website users, who are more interested in the type of vacancy and the experience and skills required. By assigning keywords to each vacancy and adding the missing metadata, they have become much more accessible. Visitors can now find jobs easily by title/keyword, expertise and location. Moreover, when job details are displayed, similar positions are now displayed in a sidebar to alert the candidate to other exciting vacancies.

Keylane Careers website

A new Workable plug-in

Keylane uses Workable to manage open vacancies and process candidate applications. Workable is a recruitment software solution that provides an applicant tracking system (ATS) and talent CRM with visualised hiring pipelines, rich candidate profiles, interview kits and customised scorecards. Therefore, it was a no-brainer to use their Workable content as our source for job profiles within the Careers job website.

BSL had already created a Workable plug-in to link Workable to WordPress, with many more features than Workable’s standard widgets. During this project, we also made some improvements to this plug-in. For example, we added support for keywords and multilingual job postings.

Improving the application process

When candidates apply, they open a link to Workable so that they can provide all their details. The user also receives an e-mail with a link to the job on Workable, so they can quickly find the application again with one click if – for whatever reason – they abandon the original application process.

Contact details are stored in a database, fully compliant with GDPR guidelines. Keylane can use this database to contact potential candidates in the future when similar positions become available.


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WordPress experience

Would you like your current WordPress website redesigned or optimised? Or do you want us to build a completely new responsive website? Our developers have a lot of experience with WordPress. But they also know the ins and outs of Drupal and Joomla too. At BSL we often use standard CMS systems to deliver interfaces to larger back-end systems. So customers can update the website contents themselves.

Workable integration

For those unfamiliar with Workable: This is a leading hiring platform. They provide in-house recruiters and hiring teams with more ways to find more qualified candidates, and help them to identify and hire the best talent. We created a custom Workable plugin for the Keylane Careers website, so that all the vacancies can be shown automatically. Users can select jobs that interest them, using filters such as job type, location, and keywords.

Responsive design

BSL knows better than anyone how important it is to have responsive design. After all, more than 50% of potential web site visitors use mobile devices. This means that all parts of the web site must look beautiful and function well on every type of device. BSL ensures an optimal user experience on every type of device.

“We wanted Keylane to be able to extend the website themselves. So we choose WordPress and Divi – a framework that is easy to learn, and delivers great responsive websites quickly. We could design the site and create the basic pages. We gave Keylane access to the site on our servers, and helped build the technical features, like Workable integration, and site widgets. Once the site was ready, we could move it to a hosting provider within a couple of hours.”


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