Clients and Sectors

Clients and Sectors

Clients and Sectors of Industry

We have more than 25 years experience developing software.

Our software is used by a wide range of customers, in a wide variety of industry sectors. Our ability to innovate, and quickly learn about new industries and technologies has been key to our success. During each project we apply our design and development skills to meet the challenges presented by clients. This synergy creates unique, tailor-made solutions. We thrive on the challenges, and the opportunity to work at the leading edge of development technology.


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Financial Sector

Banks, multi-national business consultancies and the leading financial newspaper in the Netherlands have found their way to the Bright Side of Life!


ABN Amro Logo - BSL ClientABN AMRO is a major international bank, with headquarters situated in Amsterdam. BSL created an easy-to-use, fast and secure global system for managing signatures and powers of attorney for ABN AMRO managers. Our Signature Registration System is unique within the banking sector, offering the ABN AMRO a clear business advantage.

ING Group / Postbank

ING Bank Logo - BSL ClientThe ING needed a solution to archive their vast amount of branding information, including images, PDFs and housestyle templates. This resulted in a customized FRS Mediabank, giving designers and ING suppliers easy access to many thousands of images, illustrations, PDFs and housestyle information.

Het Financieele Dagblad

Het Financieele Dagblad Logo - BSL ClientBSL developed the FD News, Image and Audio archive (NIA) for the Financieele Dagblad (the leading financial news daily).  The NIA manages thousands of images and news articles received each day from press bureaus, as well as the text, audio and video material produced by their FD print, web and radio journalists.


PricewaterhouseCoopers Logo - BSL ClientPwC is a large, international firm in the professional services industry. BSL developed their award-winning real-time news alert service ‘Pulse’, using Cognitive Search and Oracle™ technology. This is now a global service, available to all PwC employees worldwide. We recently delivered a new responsive website designed for use on mobile and tablets.

Literary and Library services

If you visit a library, or browse through online digital titles (either e-books or maybe in your favorite online store), you will be using software developed by the Bright Side of Life. We have been working on title and collection management services for more than 10 years, and there are few surprises in store for our developers. Fluent MARC21, PICA, PPNs, ISBNs and EANS are just some of the languages we speak!

NBD Biblion

NBD Biblion Logo - BSL ClientNBD Biblion provides many services on behalf of libraries and school medialabs. BSL has developed complex production systems (MIPS/MOM) for NBD, importing, managing and distributing bibliographic material, covers and PDFs. We also developed their original web site and the Rotunda touch screen software. Web services designed and developed by BSL supply covers and title content to many commercial and non-commercial web sites.

Stichting Lezen

St. Lezen Logo - BSL clientStichting Lezen promotes reading among children in the Netherlands. At their request, BSL developed the Drupal-based web site, where users can create teaching and literary programs to promote reading within educational institutions. Users can contribute and share original learning programs, all of which can be browsed and selected on the basis of  criteria such as age group, purpose, and structure of the lessons to create new learning programs.

Stichting Logo - BSL clientStichting (the central NL library service) is an organization that is rapidly modernizing Dutch library IT systems. BSL has worked on a number of projects, and created many widget applications based on their new White Label Web site Infrastructure, including the e-books site and customer service portal.

Literatuurplein Logo - BSL ClientIn 2004, BSL took over the design and development of, redesigning the site, database and CMS. The CMS imports title information for every book published in the Netherlands, and is updated daily. It automatically links books and authors to literary events, tours, interviews, videos, columns and tv/radio programs. Literatuurplein content is automatically distributed via web services to Dutch library sites.

Government / Public Authority services

Security, encryption and the management of vast quantities of digital assets feature heavily in our work for the Dutch Police and security services. The VROM, OC&W and the RGD are all Bright Side of Life clients. These are just a selection from our many successfully completed projects.

Centrale Recherche Informatiedienst / Dutch Police

Dutch Police Logo - BSL ClientBSL developed a suite of Edison applications designed for managing regional photo databases of suspects, synchronized between locations within each Police division. We also created international databases of high resolution images used for verifying travel documents and currencies by customs organizations throughout the world, and accessible via touch screen interfaces.

European Commission Projects / Van EyCK

European Commission Logo - BSL ClientThe international Van EyCK art history database & website was designed for use by European galleries, art institutes and auction houses. Van EyCK can compare images, making it possible to identify copies of works, or to recognize the style of different artists. It also supports many techniques for classifying and describing artwork, using custom thesauri, and the Iconclass art classification system.

IND (Dutch Immigration Service)

IND Logo (Dutch Immigration Service) - BSL ClientBSL created a custom version of the Edison software (developed for the Dutch Police) linking images of immigrants and foreigners to existing databases used by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Services. We created a prototype system where the images could be viewed alongside personal information, with a view to improving identity verification, and supporting the automated production of identity cards.

European Commission Projects / SignBase

European Commission Logo / Signbase - BSL ClientTeaching Dutch and British sign language to children was the main goal of our European SignBase project. SignBase stored thousands of sign language videos,  linking the videos to descriptions, keywords, synonyms, and context.  The database – a world first – was used to create teaching tools such as CD/DVD games, dictionaries and other learning aids, allowing deaf children and their families to discover and learn sign language for themselves.

Collection Management

Our FRS multimedia database platform has been used to deliver Digital Asset management solutions, used by newspapers, museums and collection managers. If you have hundreds of thousands of images, videos or PDFs and want an experienced partner to provide you with a safe, secure highly web-based solution, get in touch.

The NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies

NIOD Logo - BSL clientThe NIOD has a large, unique collection of images – from among others – the German occupation of the Netherlands during WWII. BSL developed the WWII Image Bank, making it easy for the NIOD to publish selections from their vast archive of images.

KITLV (Dutch Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology)

KITLV Logo - BSL ClientKITLV (the Dutch Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology) promotes the culture and history of Southeast-Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean. BSL developed a custom online image archive containing their unique collection of historical photos.

RKD (Dutch Institute for Art History)

RKD Logo - BSL clientThe RKD (Dutch Institute for Art History), Trinity College Dublin, and the Courtauld Gallery were our partners in the development of the Van EyCK European art history database.

Courtauld Gallery (University of London)

Courtauld Logo - BSL clientThe Courtauld Gallery in London is one of the most respected art institutes in the world. BSL helped the Courtauld and other European institutes to create a multilingual on-line art history database.

CRV (Holland Genetics / Dutch Cattle Syndicate)

CRV Logo - BSL clientCRV is a Dutch-Belgian organization responsible for the improvement and promotion of cattle herds. They maintain comprehensive breeding records, including many photos. We created their Multimedia Bank (MMB) using our FRS software, adding many CRV-specific features such as links to in-house systems. The MMB is an unqualified success – a unique visual database of cattle (dairy and breeding stock) that now includes videos alongside photos.

European Space Agency / ESTEC

ESA-ESTEC Logo - BSL clientESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) is the NASA of Europe. They asked BSL to develop a graphic database containing thousands of images, videos and incident reports to make all their information on accidents and potential risks available online to their security and safety specialists.

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