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Portfolio Overview

BSL delivers innovative solutions. On time. On budget.

We’ve more than 25 years experience of software development, so our portfolio showcases just some of the solutions we’ve delivered. Our flexible technology and professional services means that we work with a wide range of clients. Brochures describing more of our work can be found here.

We develop software for mobiles (iOS and Android), as well as for Windows, MacOS and Linux. We deliver responsive web applications, web-services, databases, and custom Cloud solutions. We often work with Oracle and MySQL databases, and we use extraordinary search technology from companies such as Exalead and Autonomy to make almost any type and quantity of data accessible within seconds.

Portfolio overview – Projects

  • Keylane Careers Website
    Keylane Careers
    A WordPress development
    Keylane supplies SaaS software for the insurance / pension sector. To help them find new talent, we designed and developed their new Careers website.
  • Pulse, Profiled Business News | Geprofileerde nieuwsartikelen
    PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)
    Pulse - Profiled Business News
    Pulse distributes profiled news articles to PwC employees throughout the world. Keeping their consultants up-to-date with the latest business news.
  • Rare Conditions | Zeldzame Aandoeningen
    Rare Care World
    Help for sufferers of rare illnesses
    The Rare Care World website is designed to provide patients and their family up-to-date information on rare conditions and diseases.
  • ABN AMRO SRS - Handtekening Registratie Systeem
    Signature Registration System (SRS)
    SRS manages a global database of ABN employees, storing signatures, as well as the authority / Powers of Attorney assigned to each staff member.
  • Literatuurplein – a literary treasure trove / Literatuurplein – een literaire schatkist
    Dutch National Library
    Literatuurplein - a literary treasure trove
    Updated daily, and with more than 4 million visitors each year, Literatuurplein.nl contains information on over 700.000 titles, and more than 320.000 authors.
  • Digital platform vrouw.nl development | Online digitaal platform vrouw.nl
    Telegraaf Media Groep (TMG)
    Digital platform vrouw.nl development
    Vrouw.nl has the ambition to become the central platform for Dutch women aged 33-50. Our Drupal experts helped to create the new vrouw.nl website
  • Recruitment website | WCC Group
    WCC Group
    Recruitment website
    This responsive Drupal “Careers” website is linked directly to AFAS, so job applications are distributed directly to the client HR team.
  • ING Image Bank | ING Beeldbank
    ING Group
    FRS Image Bank
    Our FRS asset management software and custom website manages ING’s campaign brochures, graphics, and house style guidelines.
  • Rotunda Digital Showcase - NBD Biblion - Rotunda Touchscreen
    NBD Biblion
    Rotunda "touchscreen" software
    The Rotunda digital showcase is a custom 'touchscreen' application displaying dynamic selections of books and media titles.
  • NBD Biblion - Media Information and Production System (MIPS)| NBD Biblion MIPS – Media Information and Production System
    NBD Biblion MIPS
    Media Information & Production System
    Our MIPS software catalogues hundreds of new (multimedia) titles each month, managing reviews, metadata and cover scans for each title.
  • Keylane - WordPress Website Management | Keylane - Hosting WordPress websites
    WordPress website management
    Keylane supplies SaaS software for the insurance/pension sector. BSL helped them migrate & manage their Wordpress websites.
  • Video-wall designed by BSL
    Custom Video-wall
    Video-wall design and development
    Development of a unique video-wall for an international client - delivering video content, as well as personal messages for clients and prospects.
  • Financieele Dagblad News, Image and Audio | Financieele Dagblad
    Financieele Dagblad
    Custom multimedia archive for the FD
    We created the NIA, using Sybase to manage an archive of their published images, articles, audio and videos, along with incoming news articles.
  • AIDA Multimedia Order System - NBD Biblion | NBD Biblion AIDA - online multimedia order system
    NBD Biblion AIDA
    Online Multimedia Ordering System
    By creating an easy-to-use Drupal website, and linking it to the NBD titles database, purchasers have direct online access to their complete catalogue.
  • CRV Multimedia Database | CRV multimedia databank
    Coöperatie Rundveeverbetering (CRV)
    CRV Multimedia Database
    Using our FRS software, we created a system for managing the CRV archive of multimedia (images, videos) associated with their livestock programmes.
  • Drupal Reception System - VvE De Corridor - Drupal Receptiesysteem
    Reception System
    Drupal-based Reception System
    Our reception system is designed to be used in unmanned reception areas. It shows upcoming appointments, and leads visitors to the right location.
  • E-Books customer service for Dutch Libraries | e-Book gebruikers
    National Library Service (BNL)
    E-Books Customer Service Portal
    Using Drupal, we created an online help-desk in just a few weeks. A user-friendly site supporting and helping users of the library e-book services.
  • WW II Image Bank / NIOD Beeldbank WO2
    World War II Photo Archive
    Created using our FRS software, the NIOD manages an archive of hundreds of thousands of high-quality images, and publishes them on line.

Mobile Apps

Our portfolio overview is incomplete without our Apps. We’re involved in the development of advanced cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android – using online databases for the delivery of real-time content. Take a look at our DilemmaMatchBoekWijzer and Entoen Nu apps…

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