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DilemmaMatch app – Find your soulmates

With our popular DilemmaMatch app you quickly find new friends across the world. In a fun and original way. These are people who think the same as you. And as a result share your interests! By simply answering a series of diverse dilemmas, we instantly find matches for you. Using our own unique algorithms. Your closest matches are shown in your ‘Soulmates’ list. The higher they score, the better the match! This list is constantly changing. Because it depends on choices made by you and other DilemmaMatch app users. Users of the Pro version can even add their own dilemmas. That is to say, you can look for people who share your views on tricky moral dilemmas.

DilemmaMatch is linked to Facebook. You can therefore choose to share information in your Facebook profile. This is updated automatically when something changes in your profile. If you don’t yet have a Facebook profile? Then DilemmaMatch can create an account for you! View your own DilemmaMatch profile and that of your Soulmates directly in the app. On your profile page you can also view your past answers to dilemmas. What’s more, you can see who has answered the dilemmas you’ve added. And finally, you can add motivations for your answers. And view and comment on motivations from others too.

DilemmaMatch App
DilemmaMatch App


Entertainment & media, Business & Finance or News & politics? Choose dilemmas that interest you. To this end the dilemmas are divided into 10 different categories. Which means you can choose dilemmas that truly interest you. In addition, you can adjust the order of interests to your own preference. All in all making it even easier to find people with whom you have a real click. Moreover, if you find an interesting dilemma, you can of course share it with your Facebook friends too! Ask them to take a look.

But do you have trouble understanding the English language? No problem. After all, the DilemmaMatch team wants to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Whatever your language. For this reason we’ve added an option to translate any dilemma into your preferred language. One click is all it takes!


To make the app even more fun, we have added badges. You earn the different badges by simply using DilemmaMatch. Most badges have three levels. But you can also earn some with a single action instead. Check out the badges you’ve earnt on your profile page within DilemmaMatch. Collect them all!

DilemmaMatch App


We developed the DilemmaMatch app for use on Android and iOS smartphones. But equally important it works just as easily on a tablet. To put it another way, DilemmaMatch is 100% cross-platform. It therefore does not matter what type of mobile devices your friends use. With this in mind, just download the app. And get ready to share your opinions straightaway.

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play

Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play


The DilemmaMatch App is a great example of what we do best. Building apps for iOS and Android that access online databases. Equally important,  placing information in the palm of your hand. We develop native apps using Swift and Java. But also cross-platform hybrid apps based on Phonegap/Cordova. In other words, if you want your data made accessible via mobile apps, get in touch.

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