The year is almost over, so a good opportunity to take stock. Without doubt 2018 has been a good year, with many new orders and new clients. We’ve also welcomed a number of new colleagues. And our workload was so great that we collaborated for the first time with a third-party developer. He helped us deliver two new web applications over the summer.

BSL in 2018 – a bigger team

Jurjen Schröder has been working with us as Junior Java developer since mid-April. Jurjen has a passion for software development, so is right at home with the Bright Side of Life. He works closely with Peter Verbaan (Senior Java developer) mostly on PWC projects, and therefore made a significant contribution to BSL in 2018. He’s been key to the development of a new responsive web app for PwC.

Marcel Krijthe joined us in July as Front-end developer. He was busy from day one, delivering two web applications for NBD together with colleagues Eric and Martin. He has also worked on the website. A Drupal project for one of our new clients.

Danielle Hes is our latest addition. She works for us 2 days a week and is mainly engaged in account management. So we expect a lot of new customers in 2019 🙂

New clients for BSL in 2018

Talking of new customers – BSL in 2018 featured new collaborations with new clients. Among other things, we took over the maintenance of software developed for a large international manufacturer. As a result we’ve released several updates to their software, and added support for new production systems.

Furthermore we created a Careers website (based on Drupal) for WCC – an international software company. We now maintain this site, and also their corporate site, which we added to our portfolio in July,   Another software company – Keylane – asked us to take over their corporate site. The start of the project was a challenge because we had to take over their sites without any help from their previous developer. But gradually we brought their site up-to-date. They also asked us to create a new recruitment site, which is now up and running.

For a large international company that offers smart, secure and hassle-free online payment solutions, we created a unique Videowall web app. Another great project – and with a very worthwhile goal – was the website mentioned earlier. We developed this for the Shwachman Foundation, using Drupal 8.

New partnerships with BSL in 2018

During the summer – normally a time when we are less busy – demand  was so great that we worked with a Back-end developer: Martin Postma. He helped us with a project from one of our existing clients and also with the project. It was a successful collaboration. However, Martin has moved to Germany for his latest assignment, and we wish him success. Maybe he will work with us again in the future.

Loyal customers – the key to our success

BSL in 2018 has of course also included many new projects for existing clients. Perhaps the most exciting has been an opportunity to replace the Pulse front-end with a responsive web application designed for use on mobiles and tablets. We expect to release a new update to the Pulse web app by the end of the year. Furthermore, we’ve taken over the management of the Oracle database used by Pulse. Even more importantly, we have a number of other PwC developments in the starting blocks for December and the New Year.

For NBD Biblion we have been commissioned to develop two completely new responsive front-ends for their unique media databases (Uittrekselbank and Literom). Both use innovative, challenging interfaces designed by a leading interface designer. And of course we’ve been able to deliver pixel perfect sites – on schedule. Both are more or less ready for launch early in 2019. We’ll certainly write more about this in 2019.

Last but certainly not least, we’ve introduced many new changes to the Signature Management software (SRS) used by ABN AMRO. We’ve delivered two significant updates during 2018. Another release is being prepared for the first quarter of 2019.

Keep an eye on our blog to stay informed about 2019’s projects!

On to 2019

BSL in 2018We end the year with a super busy December – and our developers are fully booked right up to the moment we serve up the Christmas lunch! We’re already working on proposals for projects in the new year. Projects for our existing customers, but also for two new clients. Of course we hope to welcome even more customers next year and we’re therefore planning to expand our team in 2019.

The BSL team wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019. And if you also want software advice in 2019, please contact us to set up a meeting. We’re happy to provide our advice, along with a no-obligation development offer.

We look forward to seeing you in 2019!

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