Staying informed and up-to-date with the latest news is important in almost any line of business. But it’s essential for PwC consultants. Why? Because they need access to the latest news to best serve their clients. To help them, BSL developed Pulse, a custom-made information platform. And we recently delivered a new Pulse responsive web application. Users now have direct access to Pulse news on any type of device.

Support for mobile users

Our developers originally created Pulse for use on desktop computers. However, more and more people use mobiles and tablets for business. PwC therefore wanted to improve Pulse’s accessibility on mobile devices. They first introduced an off-the-shelf mobile app to access Pulse content. However, adapting this app to meet PwC’s needs was time consuming. Furthermore, this solution affected the performance of Pulse. Pulse content is updated in real-time, so the app vendors had to synchronize their content every few minutes. PwC looked for a more efficient solution – and they turned to BSL to deliver it.

Responsive web application

BSL proposed a new responsive web application, instead of using a separate stand-alone mobile app.  Responsive web applications can be used on any type of device (desktop, tablet and mobile). And a responsive web application automatically adjusts the layout and navigation, depending on the screen size and available features.

We demonstrated the benefits of responsive applications by showcasing our BoekWijzer app. This looks like a standalone mobile app, but is in fact a cross-platform (Android, iOS) responsive web application. BSL was subsequently given the green light to create a responsive design for Pulse.

User experience

The new responsive design was an instant hit. Apart from the responsive features, the new design also focused on improving the Pulse user experience. For instance, important and frequently-used functions are all available on the home page. In addition, we removed unused or rarely used functions. And equally important, our developers gave the web application a modern look and feel  – fully in line with PwC brand guidelines. A survey made after introduction of the new interface showed that Pulse end-users rated it 6 out of 7!

Fast and efficient

During redesign of the web application, our developers took the opportunity to update the back-end with the latest features. Combined with the responsive design changes, the project has delivered a modern, fast web application. Available anywhere and anytime. And without compromising the high quality of the Pulse service.

A prime example of BSL delivering custom software, catering to the client’s needs. That’s why customers like PwC choose BSL!

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