Because we frequently develop custom software at BSL, we often become closely involved with our clients and their goals. Our developers recently completed the RareCare.World website. Here, you can read about how one of our front-end developers experienced working on the Rare Care project.

A good feeling

The Rare Care project was different to any other project I’ve worked on. You normally approach a project in a pragmatic, solution-oriented way – in fact, rather abstractedly. But the content in this web application is very different to that usually found on most SME- or corporate websites.

I was surprised to discover just how many people suffer from a rare condition or illness. So underestimating all the difficulties and suffering that this involves. However, I soon found out that the people behind Rare Care are committed to improving the situation of these patients. Which is why they are determined to help people worldwide with this web application. The thought that I’ve made a contribution to this worthy goal gives me a good feeling. IT work is definitely about people too.


To ensure the success of the Rare Care project, we first needed to understand the obstacles that these patients face. And the different routes they have to follow to receive the help they need. Only then could we develop an application to meet the specific needs of suffers, their families, and their carers. Medical specialist Dr. Liesbeth Siderius and Petra Poulissen from Rare Care were among those that shared their knowledge to help us. Their close involvement and cooperation was invaluable, and made this a great project to work on.

‘Doctors often look only at individual symptoms, missing the overall picture’

Robert Crommentuyn, ©Medisch Contact, “Care for Rare Illnesses often falls short

Rare Care projectImprovements – and support for mobile users

The initial challenge was to take over an existing application – with no assistance from the previous developer. We needed to fix the data model, and make the website more user-friendly too. The mobile version in particular was a mess. Nowadays, every website must also perform well on mobile devices. At BSL, that’s why we always start a web development by first looking at the mobile version. You can’t afford to ignore this aspect any longer. For instance, you won’t achieve a high Google ranking if your application is not mobile-friendly. Which in turn means your content will be hard to find.

Satisfied front-end developer

One element of the Rare Care project proved particularly challenging. The search function and the page recognition (Recognize) are the most important parts of the Rare Care site. It took a bit of puzzling to figure out how to make the “search function” and “recognize” page user-friendly on a small screen. But I succeeded!

On a technical level, Rare Care was a really interesting Drupal 8 project. But I also think that BSL has made a positive contribution to a worthy initiative. I hope that the RareCare.World website helps patients and family of those living with rare conditions.

Have you got a challenging web development?

If you’ve got your own challenging project, be it a new website, or a website that you want to improve, our front-end developers are ready to help. Why not get in touch?


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