Our web-based Pulse Knowledge Management solution is used by one of the Big 4 to keep their consultants throughout Europe fully informed and up-to-date with the latest news.

Pulse knowledge management success

Organizations using Pulse can make dramatic savings in their information analysis costs by automatically selecting the correct content and distributing it via e-mail or the web. Pulse reads and classifies more than 200,000 news items each day, selecting the most important and relevant articles for distribution to subscribers.

  • Consultants no longer need spend valuable time searching for content
  • Information analysts can focus on creating targeting news alerts

Pulse technology

Pulse supports news feeds from almost any worldwide news providers (for example Dow Jones, Bloomberg, Factiva, Lexis Nexis, IDC, ANP, Forrester, Howardshome, NIVRA, Gartner, ISI, FD, Genios…) as well as all RSS sources. In 2009 and 2013, Pulse received international awards from the Management Partners Forum in the UK.

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