BSL is an IT company known for being open. Open about our technology, and our planning, keeping clients updated throughout their projects. And our “Bright Stories” campaign is another example of this openness. Your chance to get to know some of the individuals that make up the Bright Side of Software. This week it’s the turn of our PA / Customer Relations Manager – Caroline. She has been part of the Bright Side of Life for nearly eight years and is a pivotal part of the team. Her strength lies in connecting and communicating with her colleagues, as well as BSL’s clients.

PA / Customer Relations Manager – Caroline Bos

We’ve now reached number three in the Bright Stories series, where we take a look behind the scenes at BSL. Employing a series of behind-the-scenes films and blog posts, we want to tell you more about some of our employees and show how each contributes to our success. First, it was the turn of Eric and Jurjen. Today we learn more about Caroline.

Working at BSL

Caroline first began work as interim Office Manager, for just three months. We later extended this for a year, followed by a second year! And now she’s been with us for nearly eight years. But her role is now PA / Customer Relations Manager, as it soon became apparent that maintaining good customer relations and effective communication is in Caroline’s DNA. And BSL, of course, wanted to make full use of this talent.

“Having contact with our clients is what I really enjoy, as well as communicating internally with our developers. I also think personal contact is really important, particularly nowadays when so much is digital. Together with Martyn, I often visit clients and new prospects. I do the “no nonsense” part of the conversation, while Martyn handles the technical side. We make a good team”.

“It’s nice to see the positive feedback from colleagues. They think I’m trendy! Yes, well…people like me are obviously different from developers”.

On the move

With a father in the armed forces, Caroline regularly moved house, in the Netherlands as well as abroad. So from an early age, she soon learnt how to make friends at each new school. But Caroline never minded all the moving around, because she likes to meet new people, and will soon start a conversation. Later on, she met her husband, who travelled the world as a golf professional. She accompanied him on his trips for nearly five years, taking care of things such as booking hotels and flights, through to handling sponsorship contracts.

A varied background

During her career, Caroline has carried out a variety of work. Including working in the recruitment branch for several years, from intermediary to sales executive. She has been an air hostess too, responsible for the comfort of passengers. But a common thread throughout has been her ability to organize, communicate with others, and take care of their needs. This work is also what she enjoys doing most. In other words, the role of PA / Customer Relations Manager is ideal for Caroline.

“If I’m only doing administrative work the whole time, I’m not nice to be around at the end of the day’! Luckily we have Diana here at BSL who can do this instead”.

Motherhood v. Personal Assistant

Caroline has two sons aged 24 and 21, both studying in Amsterdam. And her role at home is, in fact, similar in many ways to that at BSL. She arranges holidays, meals in Amsterdam, special family events, and keeps the household running. She enjoys city trips with her family, listening to her kids’ stories, and giving advice (whether or not they ask for it!)

“ Every day, I try to make things as easy as possible for Martyn to do his work”.


In the years that she has worked at BSL, Caroline has learnt a great deal about project planning. And about social media too, having completed a digital online marketing course in Dublin. She enjoys marketing, discovering why people click on a particular Social Media post, for example. And devising new marketing campaigns with Martyn is something she loves doing. Already a first-class organizer before joining BSL, BSL has helped her develop her skills even further.

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