These are challenging times for everyone. The COVID-19 crisis has been with us for almost a year, with no end in sight. Parents now working from home have to meet many challenges. One of them is teaching their children, so any help they can get will be welcome. One of the apps recommended for teaching the basics of Dutch culture and history is the EnToen Nu app, developed by BSL several years ago. While our focus is on supporting businesses, we’ve recently been working on a new version of EnToen Nu too. And we released it last week!

The EnToen Nu app

Do you sometimes have trouble with Dutch history? Standing Stones, Charlemagne, Erasmus, the two World Wars …

EnToen Nu is intended for those interested in Dutch culture and history, particularly pupils and teachers from grade 5 up to and including secondary school. EnToen Nu is one of the first educational apps to fully align with core educational objectives established by the Ministry of Education. We originally tested the app at an elementary school (“de Klimroos”) in Utrecht, and it was enthusiastically received by our young test pilots. In these days of remote learning, EnToen Nu app can also help pupils who are being educated at home. It will answer many questions children (and their parents!) may have during history lessons. What’s more, the app includes many activity ideas that will keep the kids busy!

Entoen Nu and the Canon of the Netherlands

Based on the Canon of the Netherlands and developed together with Stichting EnToen Nu, the EnToen Nu app brings you face-to-face with the most important events and people contributing to the Netherlands in which we live.

The Canon comprises fifty carefully chosen ‘windows’, each describing an event, a person, or even an important organisation that has shaped the Netherlands. Using the app, you can scroll through these ‘windows’, using a timeline from 5000 BC, to the present day. Each subject is represented by an image as well as a short description. Simply click to open one of the windows, and you start an interactive journey, exploring the carefully curated material for each subject. The Entoen Nu app contains detailed descriptions, informative graphics, photos, illustrations, and even complete TV programs. You can open the pictures and links, watch the videos, read book tips, and explore at your own pace. In addition, you can even ask for an assignment to work on!

In short, EnToen Nu places the entire Canon of the Netherlands at your fingertips. Which means you can use it at home, or in school. All you need is an iOS or Android tablet and an internet connection! With the help of EnToen Nu, your history lessons will therefore be a piece of cake. 🙂

What is more, our latest EnToen Nu app now supports the recently renewed Canon of the Netherlands (2020).

What is the Canon of the Netherlands?

The Committee on the Development of the Dutch Canon (2005-2007) developed the Canon of the Netherlands as a didactic concept. It covers a timeline ranging from pre-history (Trijntje and Standing Stones) to the Twentieth century. Since its inception, fourteen years of history, social developments and scientific knowledge have been added. So in 2019/2020, a committee led by Professor James Kennedy was asked to revise the original Canon. This has led to an updated Canon, introduced in 2020.

The new Canon contains ten new windows and forty taken from the original Canon. A team of editors has extensively revised the contents and descriptions. And that’s not all. They have added many books, videos, and film links too. In addition, they have updated tips for going out (when COVID is behind us!) and how to discover more about each topic. You can now click on numerous links to museums and sites to find much more information, as well as new school TV programs covering each subject.

What has been renewed in the new Canon of the Netherlands?

The new EnToen app subjects include: 5500 B.C. Trijntje/Hunter Gatherers, 1450-1516 Hieronymus Bosch, 1457-1482 Maria van Bourgondië, 1547-1619 Johan van Oldenbarnevelt, 1782 Sara Burgerhart, 1898-1945 Anton de Kom, 1912-1986 Marga Klompé, from 1960 Guest/immigrant workers, Coal and gas and from 1974 The Orange Fever, celebrating great sports events and teams at the end of the last century.

Entoen Nu App

The editorial team extensively revised and renamed four of the original windows. Namely, the Netherlands Antilles, The Dutch East and West India Companies (VOC & WIC), The Dutch Revolt (the Eighty Years’ War), and the fight against Child Labour (The Child Protection Act of Van Houten).

So plenty to explore, even for users of the original EnToen Nu app. And if you are concerned that history can sometimes be a little violent, rest-assured you can set the user’s age in the app. Once set, the app then automatically filters the descriptions and many tips and links to suit the chosen age group (Group 5/6, Group 7/8, 9+ (Standard), and Secondary School).

And what do the kids think?

Over the years, we’ve received lots of correspondence from enthusiastic school children. Such as this:

“What a great app this is!
I can really use it for my school assignment! First I could not find useful info anywhere.
Until I came across this. Thanks a lot!”

Download the Entoen Nu App now and have fun with your history lesson.

Yow can download the Entoen Nu app here. It is available for Android and Apple.


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