The WCC Group is a leading provider of advanced solutions for Public & Private Employment Services and ID/Security government agencies. Two years ago we designed and developed a dedicated Careers site to help find the specialized personnel needed to support their rapid expansion. This year they asked us to create a new, modern, responsive Corporate site. How could we refuse?


WCC is a global solutions vendor, with clients throughout the world, as well as offices in the USA. To support its rapid expansion, WCC needed to increase their presence online. They were introducing a new Branding/house style. A new, modern, responsive website with high SEO performance was part of this plan.

We were already familiar with their existing site (built with Drupal) because we maintained it. However, we wanted to make it easier for the WCC Marketing team to add and update the site contents. And at the same time, introduce a dynamic new house style. We suggested using WordPress and a theme using DIVI that implemented their new “Branding.” After receiving a green light, we were ready to start.

WCC Corporate Site

The “Branding” for the website was mostly complete when we started. It included some challenging ideas, such as animated banners and separate color themes for each of their main products.

BSL is not a large organisation, but it has a team of skilled designers and web-developers. They quickly created prototypes, demonstrating that we could meet each of the challenges. We set up an Agile team to absorb the introduction of frequent changes throughout the project. Such as the inclusion of an entirely new Documentation Portal (also developed by BSL, using Drupal 8 / SOLR), and a new Support Center (Drupal 8). Our flexibility even extended to authoring and editing much of the content, based on material supplied by WCC. We have native English writers in-house, capable of delivering content that has been finely-tuned for excellent SEO performance in a global marketplace.

Corporate site, Documentation Portal & Support Center

WCC Group websitesCreating three interwoven websites – during Corona lockdown – presented unique challenges. We worked closely with different teams within WCC, communicating almost exclusively via video calls. We demonstrated each deliverable during online meetings, taking feedback through to the following Sprints. Despite the many challenges on the way, we kept within the agreed budgets and planning.

Close project management was crucial. As the project scope changed, we were grateful for the WCC project team’s flexibility and availability. We provided budget advice, often offering multiple options so that WCC could choose between what is “nice to have” – and what is essential to meet their marketing goals. And when WCC introduced additional requirements, such as Salesforce integration with website contact forms, we took full responsibility for finding a solution, testing it with members of their sales team.

A close partnership was essential. We want to thank Cristina Cocco and Marie-Louise Scheers for their support throughout the project.

Test, Acceptance, and Production

During the development, BSL made a test environment available. Two of the sites were hosted by BSL, while we developed the Documentation Portal (based on Drupal /SOLR) using Amazon Services.

The WCC teams had access to the development sites to test and monitor each site’s progress. When they were ready to go live, we deployed the sites on Acceptance servers so that we could script the migration to production servers within the WCC infrastructure. Our engineers assisted in the final live site replacements, starting with the Corporate site, then the Documentation Portal, and finally, the Support Center. As an illustration of our success, the WCC sites went live one week ahead of our original schedule! Everything went smoothly, and the feedback from the WCC Marketing Director was exceptionally positive:

We are amazingly proud of the work BSL has done for us. BSL’s team worked with us through professional, well-thought-out website design, development, and content editing processes. Their commitment to quality, technical expertise, and process discipline is inspiring. They delivered a Corporate website that meets our expectations and receives awesome feedback from our customers and investors.

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