The BSL team closely follows the very latest trends in development technology. And our clients must innovate too. International bankers ABN AMRO are migrating their Signature Registration System (SRS) to a private cloud. SRS was developed by BSL, and for our latest project we are using SCRUM.

Using SCRUM for SRS development

We develop and maintain ABN AMRO’s SRS.  It is a unique identity management solution, designed to:

  • manage Power of Attorney (PoA) records for all ABN AMRO employees.
  • manage personnel details and digital signatures.
  • generate registration forms for local Chambers of Commerce.

Together with the ABN AMRO we are working on a new SRS project. The new release will support their private cloud architecture, and also add new features. We are designing the release to improve the workflow. In particular – improve the link to the SAP HR system. In partnership with the bank we are using SCRUM to plan and manage the project. This offers many advantages:

  • Shorter, more manageable project phases.
  • Step-by-step implementation.
  • Prioritization of the most important functions.
  • Flexibility during the entire project scope: new information or changes can be seamlessly incorporated into the project.

Staged implementation

The project consists of a series of modifications, classified in order of importance. We divide these ‘tasks’ into groups. During two-week periods (so-called ‘Sprints’), our engineers develop, deliver and test a set of new functions together with the bank. The new functions are immediately introduced in production. ABN AMRO personnel can therefore use each release without delay.

Using SCRUM breaks the project into 4-5 manageable phases. This makes testing easier. It also means that users see the new features more quickly. A project management approach with clear benefits! Whilst we created an initial concept plan for each of the sprints, this plan is flexible. At the end of each sprint the work done is evaluated. Then we plan the next block of activities.

First release very soon in production

We have completed the first and most important SCRUM sprint. As a result, we have already improved the processing of HR data. This means SRS will be able to automatically create and revoke PoAs with little user intervention. Further sprints will add more functionality, and improve other parts of the workflow. When the project is complete ABN AMRO employees will manage POAs more efficiently, accurately and securely. Therefore saving time, money and resources.

Proven formula

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