BSL developed the SRS (Signature Registration System) in close cooperation with ABN AMRO. A system that enables its employees worldwide to manage Power of Attorneys used within the bank when authorising transactions. The system not only manages the personal details of authorized employees, but also their signatures.

New Signature Registration System updates

BSL has recently updated the ABN AMRO Signature Registration System to make use of the very latest technology. Together with the client, our engineers have carefully examined the business workflow to pinpoint where further optimizations are possible. A number of areas have been identified, and the modifications are currently being developed and tested with the client.

The links with other systems are also being further analyzed and improved. This includes links to the recently updated HR system, and communications with the local Chambers of Commerce. Some changes mainly affect the business and technical workflow. We’ve been working closely with end-users to see whether minor improvements in the web application itself can simplify their work. Development work on these improvements is already complete.

These changes and improvements have now reached the last test phase and will enter production in a few weeks time. This will lead to improved integration of the Signature Registration System within the ABN AMRO bank. This will bring big improvements to the Power of Attorney team, and help the bank do business faster, and more securely throughout the world.

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