Over the years Literatuurplein.nl has been regularly updated – new features have been added, and many links have been made to other library systems. The underlying hardware and databases have also been updated, but it was nonetheless time to upgrade the entire Literatuurplein environment. BSL has played an advisory role in this major Literatuurplein technical update, and also carried out all the technical changes that were required to meet the growing demands placed on the website.

Literatuurplein technical update

Like a house, a premium web service is never finished. There is always something that can be improved or changed, often arising from evolving client/user requirements and the (technical) options and resources that are available.

Last weekend major modifications were made to Literatuurplein. This was a major Literatuurplein technical update, carried out as part of a large overhaul of the server environment used to host the web services and (Oracle) database. We now make use of the very latest in hardware and software technology. For example, Oracle, RedHat, Java en Tomcat were all updated to use the most recent versions – improving performance, reliability and security, whilst the servers have been virtualized.

Faster, better performance

Although many of these changes are not directly visible to end users, they have a dramatic impact on the performance of Literatuurplein, as well as the numerous Dutch library services that make use of Literatuurplein content.

New character set introduced

One change that is immediately visible is the introduction of a new character set. The West-European character set that had been used previously has been replaced with the universal character set (UTF8). Certain letters and diacriticals from languages such as Arabic, Polish, and Czech that had previously appeared as question marks will now be shown correctly – a direct benefit to all users of the Literatuurplein website. We are also introducing secure SSL interfaces to some parts of the Literatuurplein content – changes that will be gradually introduced throughout the site over the coming months.

Source: www.literatuurplein.nl

With thanks to Jef van Gool, Bibliotheek.nl

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