Just how important is page speed and responsive design to how Google ranks your site? The short answer is… very important. Our blog explains more, and tells you about a recent project we carried out to improve a site’s ranking.

Google Search – Page speed and Responsive Design

Whilst Bing, Yahoo and other search services have their fans, Google is search right now. So if you want your website to attract users, you have to keep Google happy. Easier said than done you might say, but every little helps. And there are two ranking factors you need to consider when creating or updating your site. Page speed and Responsive Design.

Google and Mobile Friendly

Google began giving ranking priority to mobile-friendly sites in its search engine in April 2015. Mobile-friendliness is central to how the search engine ranks similar web pages. You can check how your own site ranks in the mobile-friendly stakes here. Type in your website address in the field at the top of the page. If your site is easy to view on mobile devices, you’ll get this response:

Page speed and responsive design

Source: Google, 2017.

And if it isn’t you get this:

Page speed and responsive design

Source: Google, 2017.

Maybe it’s clear already, but just in case. This second message means you should get your site rebuilt using a responsive design. And our designers know all about creating Responsive websites. Which means we can make any site work well on desktop browsers, mobiles and tablets. As a result, this will improve your Google search ranking.

Google and Page speed

And what about speed? According to Google research, as page load time goes from one second to seven seconds, the probability of a site visitor leaving your site immediately (bouncing) increases 113%. This graphic tells you more…

page speed and responsive design

Source: Google/SOASTA Research, 2017.

And that is why Google has said that speed is a ranking factor (and has been since 2010). From 2016, they have used the speed of your mobile pages instead of desktop when determining your mobile rankings.

So just in case there’s any doubt. Speed wins. The good news is that we can tell you exactly how to make your site faster and better for mobile users.

Dr. Google, for a quick health check

Google provides a great page that checks your page speed for mobile and desktop users. It also tells you how mobile friendly your site is, and makes suggestions about improvements to the page speed and responsive design.

We used this page regularly while working on the transformation of the current Literatuurplein website. This is a site that was developed long before mobile user experience and responsive design was a priority. In Aprll 2017 we were given the chance to transform the site. We are not finished yet, but after 3 weeks of hard work, we have already made significant improvements:page speed and responsive design

Firstly, our designers have increased the mobile friendliness score from 58 to 97. Secondly, the page speed has increased from 21 to 87. This is a dramatic improvement – and it will be better still after more work. Maybe we can do the same for your website?

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