BSL is known for being open. Open about our technology and our planning, keeping clients updated throughout our projects. And our Bright Stories campaign is another example of this openness. This week we turn our attention to Front-end Developer, Roderick Gadellaa. Someone who enjoys solving design and UX problems. And he also loves to tweet about it too! Upbeat and enthusiastic, Roderick’s whistling and singing have become a familiar part of life at BSL.

Front-end Developer Roderick

Roderick joined BSL some 4 years ago. He’s mainly involved with front-end development, but also enjoys combining this with design and UX (user experience) problems. Before joining BSL, he used his expertise in theatre and interactive installations. The interaction element was always the main challenge here – what does the audience have to do, and how do you communicate that clearly to them. But then, of course, you need to make it all technically possible too!

Front-end ontwikkelaar Roderick

“Everyone has an opinion about the User eXperience…”

How it all began…

Roderick completed the Interactive Performance Design degree course at HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht). During his studies, he learned about interaction and participant experience in the broadest sense: from stories and animations to games and interactive installations. The use of mobile platforms was on the increase. Roderick was, therefore, in the right place, at the right time, to take full advantage of the opportunities possible with mobile technology. After graduating in 2011, he started out as a freelancer, working on projects for the web- and mobile technology. But he missed working as part of a team, and so decided in 2016 to join BSL as a Front-end Developer. And we were, of course, delighted to welcome Roderick and the know-how that he brought to BSL.

The making of…

When we asked Roderick to take part in the Bright Stories, he was immediately enthusiastic. And by coincidence, the Interactive Expo was being held in Utrecht as part of the Netherlands Film Festival. A perfect match for Roderick’s interests and expertise, and therefore an ideal setting for our storytelling. Roderick was able to experience several of the interactive Virtual Reality (VR) installations at first-hand.

“Aside from the experience itself, and whether or not I thought it looked good, was exciting or interesting etc., what stood out for me in nearly every installation was the importance of communicating the interaction. What can the user do, and what is expected of them in order to navigate the experience on offer”.



Would you like to find out more about how our front-end developers can assist you? Roderick and his colleagues will be pleased to help – and of course, the coffee is always ready here at BSL!

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