As we wrote in one of our earlier blogs, we are busy with a number of new projects. In the previous blog we talked about a recent Drupal 8 project. This is now nearing completion. In this blog we want to talk about another project: the development of a completely unique reception system.

Reception System project

We’ve developed other reception systems in the past. However, this latest project is fairly special. It’s specifically designed to run on three linked 4K screens.

The client is an international company that offers smart, secure and hassle-free online payment solutions for consumers and businesses. They want a unique presentation display in their reception area – one covering most of the wall. So they asked BSL to make a proposal. We have designers and developers in-house to design and script custom web applications designed for a range of browsers – and for almost any screen. However, never before for a screen of 3840 x 6480 pixels. The challenge here is to create a smooth flowing animation that can run on such a large screen area.

Design and build

We’ve had a number of discussions with the client, in order to get a good picture of their requirements and wishes. BSL fine-tuned our proposals on the basis of feedback we received. We exchanged many design ideas for the background animations, and discussed many different functions that could be included. Such as:

  • Introducing custom logos for clients and prospects
  • Delivering personal messages to clients and prospects
  • Adding dynamic video content as picture-in-picture.

A total package

After a number of discussions, we reached agreement for a total package that includes:

  • Design of the screen and the animations
  • Technical design of the user interface for managing the reception system contents
  • Training and support on location for using the software.

We are designing the reception system software to run on Windows computers, using Chrome. But we will also ensure that the system is compatible with Safari and Firefox.

The design includes animations that flow over the screen. Users can manage the speed and direction of the animations. The contents for the animations can also be configured. As default we include a range of rendered currency symbols and numbers in semi-transparent hexagons. Videos and individual text messages will be included in the final design.


Roderick Gadellaa is the lead developer for this assignment. He will start with the design, taking 3 to 4 days. Once we have an approval for the design then Roderick can start with the development work. This will take 2 to 3 weeks. But as the client urgently needed to install the application after moving offices, we have already delivered an early release. We tested early versions on site, and then fine-tuned the software on the basis of client feedback. We are hosting this version of the reception system using servers here in Breukelen.

Within the next two weeks we will deliver a final release. However, we will deliver further versions over the next few days, each adding new functions. A continuous delivery process that actively involves client stakeholders.


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