Our developers have been hard at work to bring you a new improved BoekWijzer – our popular Dutch literature app. We’ve fine-tuned the app, making it more user-friendly than ever. We’ve added new features and new content too. Our blog introduces you to the latest BoekWijzer release.

The new improved BoekWijzer in a nutshell:

  • more news sources
  • unique content
  • at-a-glance booklists, in handy categories
  • more online stores
  • extended author/title lists

More (literary news) at your fingertips

With just a click of the mouse, BoekWijzer users can quickly and easily keep up-to-date with the latest literary news. Keeping book lovers informed about what’s happening in the Dutch literary world. To give you easy access to even more information, we’ve increased the number of news sources used in the BoekWijzer app. Earlier releases just provided news from the Dutch National Library.  But our new improved BoekWijzer also brings you the latest news and articles from the Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant and the literary website Literair Nederland. And we’re planning to add more news sources in future.

Unique content

We offer unique content to our users. Which is why we’ve decided to add brand new content – the BoekWijzer Blog. In our Blog you’ll be able to read a whole range of interesting articles, each with a literary theme. Ranging from movies based on books, to literary- prizes and events. You’ll find Blogs on the ‘home’ screen’. Just tap the ‘More Blogs’ (Meer Blogs) button.

At-a-glance booklists

Our BoekWijzer app gives you access to a database of more than 630,000 books! But with so much content, users can sometimes find it tricky to find what interests them. To help you out – and to  make our app even easier to use – the new BoekWijzer app shows a number of preselections. These lists, such as ‘Best sellers’, ‘Best rated’ and ‘Recent releases’ are updated daily, and are currently sourced from Bol.com. We’ll soon be adding selections sourced from organizations representing the best local bookshops too, including Libris and Blz.

Ordering books

When working on the new improved BoekWijzer, our developers made use of the feedback we’ve received from users. Users currently have a one-click order option, linked to Bol.com. We’ve been asked to add more suppliers – and we have. Booklovers can now also order books from Libris and Blz. You’ll have more chance of finding the book you want, and can compare prices. You even have the option of collecting the book yourself from your local Libris or Blz. bookshop. Your feedback is always important to us!

Comprehensive author/title lists

As an app developer, it’s important that we continually think of new ways to improve our apps. But improving an app doesn’t just mean adding new functions. Less can sometimes mean more – we don’t want to overwhelm users with options. So…in the new BoekWijzer release, author information will make way for more comprehensive title lists. Whereas the previous release showed you a maximum of 25 titles for an individual author, we can now include up to 100 titles. For most authors, this will include everything they’ve ever written. In other words, a much more exhaustive selection of their work.

Try out the new BoekWijzer

Perhaps you’re not yet a BoekWijzer user? Or perhaps you already use the app, but can’t wait to use the new improved version? Then take a look at the Google Play store and the iTunes store – our new improved BoekWijzer is now available! Download it now – it’s free!

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