FD News and Image Archive Brochure

FD News and Image Archive

The Financieele Dagblad (FD) is the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Times. They focus on financial and economic news, background information and analyses. They also own a radio station (BNR). This provides up-to-the-minute financial news around the clock. FD editors make frequent use of the thousands of financial reports and news items that arrive each day from press bureaus. Their photo editors are responsible for commissioning and selecting the best possible images, also using press bureaus, and in-house resources. These images are used in print, and on the FD website. Keeping up-to-date with this constant stream of content is their number one priority. BSL was asked to develop an editorial system that could support their editors, and to archive the articles, images and broadcasts produced each day. The result – the FD’s News and Image Archive (NIA).

FD New and Image Archive Brochure

The NIA is fast, accessible, and reliable. A unique system that handles incoming news and images from press bureaus 24/7. Based on BSL’s FRS software, we’ve created custom user interfaces for each of the editorial teams (text, photo and audio). A central Sybase ASE database manages the vast quantities of images, messages, audio and video files that arrive each day.  This media archive also contains articles and images ready for publication, as well as those already published. Advanced search technology from Autonomy (now part of HP) means editors can perform highly intelligent semantic searches. And we provide Photo editors with all the tools they need to manage images efficiently.  Created as a web application, the NIA can be used from any type of computer equipped with a web browser.

FD News and Image Archive Brochure

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