Stichting Lezen Leesplan Brochure

Stichting Lezen – Leesplan

BSL developed the website at the request of Stichting Lezen. A leading Dutch Institute for teaching reading skills. The goal of the site? To systematically promote literacy and reading in schools and childcare organizations. Guided by the site, users can effortlessly create and maintain individual reading plans. These plans are created using pre-defined teaching blocks and exercises drawn from the national Project Bank. This is a library of components, also developed by BSL.

Stichting Lezen Leesplan Brochure

We created the website using a Drupal CMS, and a MySQL database. This afforded our engineers a high degree of flexibility during development.  Two custom modules lie at the heart of the website. The Reading Planner module includes easy-to-use tools which help users create and manage individual reading plans. These plans can be applied to three distinct age groups: kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools. Targeting these age ranges assists the development of reading skills within each group. The Project Bank module links users to a  library of projects and ideas designed to encourage reading for different ages. These can be included as units within each reading plan.

The website is based upon the report ‘De Doorgaande Leeslijn‘. In English – ‘The Ongoing Reading Program’. It includes advice from libraries and teachers. complements the Leesplein web site, and the BSL-developed web site Literatuurplein.

Stichting Lezen - Leesplan

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