Rotunda Touchscreen Brochure

Rotunda – a Digital Showcase

In 2009, BSL was asked to create a so-called ‘Digital Showcase’ – Rotunda. The goals: promote sales in bookshops, and encourage lending in libraries. How? By presenting books, CDs, and other media in an attractive and innovative way, using touchscreens. Using these screens, library and bookstore visitors can browse through virtual bookshelves – simply using hand gestures. Rotunda was born.

Rotunda Touchscreen Brochure

At the beginning of 2010 NBD Biblion bought the rights to Rotunda, which they promote and distribute. As a service, they manage the Rotunda contents remotely. They can select any titles from the NBD Biblion‘s media databases. They can also add links to YouTube content, and other online media. Rotunda editors create and change virtual bookshelves. The bookshelves are then combined to create Rotunda content. It takes just a few minutes, making it very quick and easy to create themed content.

And what about the end users? Just touching one of the digital covers scrolling across the Rotunda screen will display more information. They can reserve copies in their local library. Shoppers can order books online. We think it’s a perfect way to introduce and promote new (multimedia) titles. Or to promote titles that match a certain theme or event. And as NBD Biblion catalogs hundreds of these titles each week, they can continually add new material. So a new showcase every week, in just a few minutes!

rotunda touchscreen brochure

For more information about this project, request the Rotunda Touchscreen brochure


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