PwC Pulse Brochure

Pulse (previously SPiN)

Knowledge is power. Yet simple access to information is not enough. Most of all, information must be up-to-date, reliable and relevant. Developed by BSL, Pulse supplies thousands of PWC employees with reliable and relevant content. Working throughout Europe, they can subscribe to any number of profiled news feeds. Not only in their company portal, but also via e-mail and on their smartphones. We created Pulse using Oracle, and Exalead technology.

PwC Pulse Brochure

Factiva/Dow-Jones, IDC, Gartner, Lexis Nexis and more supply the content. We import approximately 80,000 articles each day! Using powerful Exalead software, we classify the content in real-time. This means we can distribute relevant articles within seconds.

There are currently almost 2,500 different feeds available. Which lets us focus on any number of  topics, clients, companies or industries. Each feed is designed to match specific requests for briefings from PwC consultants. If a feed on a topical issue is not available, Pulse specialists can create a new profile within minutes. Most importantly, they can share it immediately with selected employees. Or with the whole company!

PWC Pulse brochure

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