Keylane Careers Website

A recruitment website to find new talent in Europe

Keylane Careers Website

Recruiting talent for IT software service providers is not easy. Good Web Developers / Designers and Java Developers are scarce. BSL uses our own website, LinkedIn, Indeed, recruiters and social platforms to find new talent. But when you’re a European Software supplier, recruiting across Europe, you need to (borrowing from Apple), “Think Different”.

Keylane is a leading SaaS provider in the insurance & pension industry in the Benelux, DACH & Nordics.

  • 830+ employees. 
  • 10 offices in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
  • Turnover of €94 million (2018).

To maintain their growth they needed new talent – quickly. For their Product Development teams they need Java Developers and Web Designers. But they also need Business Consultants, Business Analysts, Actuaries, and Implementation Specialists.

To help them boost their visibility and brand awareness, and to recruit people with the skills they need, Keylane decided to introduce a new Keylane Careers website. And they asked BSL to help.

Keylane Careers Website - An Agile project
Keylane Careers Website

Website Design Goals

From the start the goals were clear. It was to be International, profiling each of the countries in which Keylane operates. The Keylane brand used in the Corporate site was also a given. But the Keylane Careers website needed its own, unique identity.


With our extensive experience of custom website development, as well as WordPress and Drupal, BSL was first asked to recommend a framework to create the site. We opted for WordPress/Divi® by Elegant Themes – a flexible, modern, responsive theme, that makes it easy for the Keylane HR team to add and update their own content.

We created a Divi “child-theme” encapsulating the Keylane house-style. So pages added to the site automatically inherit the Keylane brand. Alongside the many off-the-shelf Divi components (texts, blurbs, lists, galleries, sliders…) we designed new widgets such as footers that can be dragged and dropped into the new pages. A “Lego-like” approach, making it easy for both BSL and Keylane designers to build beautiful, fully responsive pages. So the whole site looks good on mobiles, and on computers.

Keylane Careers Website

Keylane prefers that people are themselves.  So we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it. That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent, and we work hard to support them in both professional and personal health and development.

Minka van den Burg

Manager Talent Acquisition Benelux & DACH, Keylane

Workable plugin for Keylane Careers Website

Keylane uses Workable to manage their recruitment process. Setting up vacancies, creating application forms, accepting and processing applications. While the new Keylane Careers website was under development, we used a “standard” Workable widget to show Keylane openings in their old site, styling the results to match their house-style. We wanted to offer more, so we developed a new Workable plugin. Our custom Workable plugin means that candidates can apply job filters, choosing the location, department, or job type in which they are interested:

Keylane Careers Website | Keylane Careers Site

Want to work in Denmark? Just choose Denmark as the location. Java Developer? Add Java to the keywords, and then browse through the available opportunities. You can also view the full job description within the Keylane Careers site, as well as submit your application and CV.

We created the Workable plugin over a couple of weeks, and fine-tuned it together with Keylane. Our experience was key to this rapid delivery. After all, we’ve built Careers websites for other clients, and plugins for other platforms, including an AFAS plugin used by the WCC Group.

At BSL, you have come to the right place for…

WordPress experience

Would you like your current WordPress website redesigned or optimised? Or do you want us to build a completely new responsive website? Our developers have a lot of experience with WordPress. But they also know the ins and outs of Drupal and Joomla too. At BSL we often use standard CMS systems to deliver interfaces to larger back-end systems. So customers can update the website contents themselves.

Workable Integration

For those unfamiliar with Workable: This is a leading hiring platform. They provide in-house recruiters and hiring teams with more ways to find more qualified candidates, and help them to identify and hire the best talent. We created a custom Workable plugin for the Keylane Careers website, so that all the vacancies can be shown automatically. Users can select jobs that interest them, using filters such as job type, location, and keywords.

Fast and Agile

This has been a fast-moving, Agile project. Both parties (Keylane / BSL) focusing on the activities in which they excel. Our Web Developers provided design advice, and delivered an initial website for Keylane to work on. We then handled the technical work such as multi-lingual content support, privacy controls and Google Tag Manager/Analytics integration. We also taught the Keylane team to use Divi. Together we were able to deliver a lightweight, modern, fast, responsive website in less than 8 weeks.

“We wanted Keylane to be able to extend the website themselves. So we choose WordPress and Divi – a framework that is easy to learn, and delivers great responsive websites quickly. We could design the site and create the basic pages. We gave Keylane access to the site on our servers, and helped build the technical features, like Workable integration, and site widgets. Once the site was ready, we could move it to a hosting provider within a couple of hours.”


Front-end Developer, Bright Side of Life

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