DilemmaMatch App Brochure

DilemmaMatch App

Developed by BSL, DilemmaMatch is a unique social media app to find out what others around the world think about a whole range of topics. Each and every person sees the world differently and from a different angle. People have different beliefs, hobbies and opinions. Imagine you could find new friends, who think like you and who share your interests. Or that you could share your opinions, start debates on trending topics. By answering Dilemmas, or even creating your own, our DilemmaMatch app helps you do just that!

DilemmaMatch App Brochure

DilemmaMatch is easy to use, and fun! First rank the 10 different areas of Interests to match those that interest you. Then simply answer dilemmas created by other users. Start collecting badges. Add your motivation. View the popularity of each Dilemma. DilemmaMatch uses our unique matching algorithm to compare your interests and answers to those of other users.  Linked to Facebook, the app helps you get in touch with like-minded people worldwide  – your Soulmates. And if you want to start a discussion, upgrade to Premium to create your own dilemmas. See how people answer, give your own response. Add images, films or even audio material as well. Developed for iOS and Android smartphones, DilemmaMatch works just as well on tablets too!

DilemmaMatch Brochure

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