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Canon of the Netherlands app

Using BSL’s educational Canon of the Netherlands app, Dutch children have history at their fingertips – literally! Managed by the Canon of the Netherlands institute, the national timeline of Dutch history (Canon) is one of the cornerstones of primary Dutch education. We present the Canon contents within an interactive app designed for iOS and Android tablets. Our Canon of the Netherlands app is the first  designed to meet key education goals for Dutch primary school children: group 5 to 8. So great for primary school teachers!

The Canon of the Netherlands contents

The Dutch national timeline comprises 50 carefully selected historical snapshots, each focusing on a particular historical figure, subject, or event. All selected for their importance to the Dutch cultural heritage. In 2020 a new Canon committee updated the Canon, retiring ten topics and adding ten new ones. As the contents are maintained using an online CMS, we can update the app contents without the need for a new app release after each change. Children browse through the timeline via a beautifully designed interface, clicking the period, person or event of interest. For each subject, we have a wealth of information, illustrations and videos. Also many links to books, museums, exhibitions and much more. Learning the history of the Netherlands has never been so much fun!

Canon van Nederland app brochure

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