We developed the Signature Registration System (SRS) on behalf of the ABN AMRO bank. A worldwide organization that authorizes many hundreds of financial transactions each day. SRS manages and verifies the signatures and authorizations (Powers of Attorney or POAs) of employees located throughout the world. Along with the POAs, SRS manages personnel information and digital signatures, and provides the local Chambers of Commerce with the information they require. SRS is a web application using a central Oracle database. This makes it fast, reliable and easy-to-use. SRS meets the strict requirements and security guidelines that apply to all banking services. It is also integrated with the existing SAP HR system, so that personnel information does not need to be (re)entered or maintained manually.

ABN AMRO SRS brochure

BSL has expertise in creating tailor-made web applications using Oracle, and in the management of digital content (signatures). This meant that we were able to design and build the latest SRS web applications in just a few months. The open architecture used by BSL is ideal for meeting any future needs, so SRS can be readily modified to meet changing requirements or new technological developments. In other words, SRS guarantees ABN AMRO a flexible, reliable and future-proof system for signature and authorization management.




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