1888 Senior Citizens Phone app brochure

1888 Senior Citizens Phone app

BSL designed and developed the Senior Citizens Phone app for Android and iOS on behalf of 1850 B.V. The app was specially designed for people who have difficulty using smartphones, so it was important to keep the app simple. This represents a challenging task for our enthusiastic designers and techies, who always have the latest gadgets with the latest technology. Fortunately, we managed to design a simple interface with which everyone was happy.

A phone app for technophobes

Phones are already available for technophobes. The downside is that these ‘simple’ devices are often expensive to buy, some devices are even more expensive than the latest smartphones. And since most people nowadays own a smartphone anyway, the solution was to develop an app that makes calling easier, especially for elderly or technophobic users. The 1888 Senior Citizens Phone app is available on iOS and Android.

1888 Senior Citizens phone

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