Patrick van Bennekom

Junior developer and web designer

Patrick van Bennekom – Junior front-end developer and web designer

If you have any questions about your website or web design, then Patrick van Bennekom is ready to help you 5 days a week at BSL. Patrick helps to create websites and apps for our customers, including the design of logos and house styles to deliver a professional end product.

Junior, because I joined the Bright Side of Life in April 2022. I’d graduated from the Grafisch Lyceum in Utrecht the previous year, but with a diploma in Interactive Design and Web Design in my pocket, I was still uncertain about the type of career I wanted to follow. So to help discover the kind of work I was really interested in, I first registered as a freelancer at the Chamber of Commerce. I worked for a landscaping company for a while, as well as a car garage, and also started taking on my own web design projects.

Web design and web development

The main part of my studies had been involved with designing and building websites. I came to realise that it gives me a great feeling when a customer is enthusiastic about my website designs. What’s more, I enjoy learning about any new trends and features related to the web environment. So after a year I knew where my true interest lies – I decided to look for a permanent job in web design and web development. And via werkzoeken.nl I came across the Bright Side of Life.

Bright Side of Life

I was immediately enthusiastic during my job interviews with Roderick Gadellaa and Martyn Simpson. And after a visit to Bright Side of Life office I knew straight away that I wanted to work here. The atmosphere in the company gives me the feeling that everyone is treated as an equal, that everyone is listened to – even juniors! There is plenty of room for personal development too – colleagues are encouraged to share their expertise with one another, and to keep abreast of the latest technological developments.

Free time

When I’m not at BSL, I enjoy working on websites in my spare time too. My other hobbies include Formula 1, watching movies, gaming, sports and most importantly, spending time with my girlfriend and friends.

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