Marc Roeloffzen

Marc Roeloffzen

Graphic Designer

Marc Roeloffzen – Graphic Designer

My name is Marc, and I’ve been part of the BSL team since 2002. In my role as graphic designer, I mainly work on web design projects, but combine this with other tasks such as graphic design and brochures too.

What I enjoy about working at the Bright Side of Life is the chance to work on a variety of different and interesting projects. Most of my time is spent on web design projects for our customers, working with WordPress and Drupal. But I also work with Photoshop, making presentations, animations and doing video editing. And some days, I also help with system administration.


After I finished higher education, I worked in a variety of interim jobs. I quickly realised that I wanted a career where I could make use of my interests: namely computers, internet and photography. And of course, preferably a combination of all three!

Working in IT

A move to the IT world quickly followed. After working at several IT companies, both large and small, I came across BSL and the rest is history. I have been working at the Bright Side since 2002, and I look forward to many more years here. This is because at BSL, I am given every opportunity to develop further and learn new skills. For instance, I’ve completed a variety of courses, including TMAP testing and WordPress.

Although BSL is located in Breukelen near Utrecht, I still live in Apeldoorn as this is where my family and friends are. Unfortunately this means daily traffic jams, but I’ve learnt many different routes over the years to avoid them. And working at BSL makes it worthwhile!

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