Roderick Gadellaa

Roderick Gadellaa

Front-end developer

Front-end developer

In 2016, I joined BSL as a Front-end Developer. As my work in this role overlaps that of designer and developer, I have the opportunity to learn from the knowledge and expertise of colleagues involved in software development as well as design, whilst learning the in-and-outs of BSL. When a computer first appeared in my childhood home in 1993, I soon discovered that as well as using it to play video games, it could be used for making things too – it wasn’t long before I began creating web sites, music and pictures outside of school hours!


In 2006, I decided to study BAT Design for Virtual Theater and Games (now known as Interactive Performance Design), faculty Theater at the HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht. During my course, I was able to build up wide-ranging experience of interaction in its broadest sense, from stories and animations through to games and interactive art installation. This was also the time when the popularity of mobile platforms was growing fast, giving me plenty of opportunity to be involved from the very beginning. After graduating in 2011, I started work as a free-lancer, working on a variety of projects where the focus was on web- and mobile technology.

Spare time

As for what I enjoy in my free time… it’ll come as no surprise that I still like to spend it making things. Artwork, small web- and mobile development projects, or sketches for example. And I’ve now swapped making music to making my own radio programme. I’ve recently even been able send out my own test broadcasts via Internet, but the next challenge will of course be to find listeners who want to listen to it…

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