Marc Roeloffzen

Marc Roeloffzen

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

My name is Marc, and – as a graphic designer – I take care of all things to do with graphics at the Bright Side of Life. For me, working at BSL means working on many different and diverse projects. One day I could be helping out with system management, the next day I could be working on brochures. And I can always keep myself occupied with web-design for our customers.


After finishing school, I took on all kinds of jobs, such as working in a bread factory, setting up stands and tents, and I even worked as a forklift driver in a factory that produces locks.

Spare time

Because my hobbies – gaming, computers, internet and photography – started playing a larger role in my life, I decided to look for something in these areas to make a living from. I succeeded, and after some wandering through the world of IT I finally ended up at BSL as a graphic designer. I have been working here since 2002, and if it’s up to me I’ll be staying here for a while longer!

Despite the fact that BSL is based in Breukelen, which is near Utrecht, I still live in Apeldoorn as this is where all my friends and family live. Unfortunately, this means a daily bout of traffic jams, but luckily I know many alternative routes. Besides, working at BSL is well worth the effort!

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