Jurjen Schröder - Junior Java Developer | Jurjen Schröder - Junior Java Ontwikkelaar

Jurjen Schröder

Java Developer

Java Developer

I joined the BSL team in mid April as Junior Java Developer. I’ve had a formal Java training, but now I need experience. Initially I’ll be helping with the development of new functionality in existing BSL products like SRS and Pulse. Mainly working in Java, but I’ll be using HTML and JavaScript too.


I have a Masters in Social Psychology. An unusual combination for a software developer! The reason I choose Psychology was because I’m interested in how people behave. But once I’d got my Masters and began job hunting, I realised that I couldn’t honestly see myself working as a psychologist. Which of course meant I had to decide on an alternative career that I would enjoy. From a young age, I’ve had a passion for software. It’s great to create software, or modify code to make software perform as you want. Also I enjoy seeing the results almost immediately, which gives me a sense of satisfaction. So with all this in mind, I changed direction to follow a Java developer course. I plan to learn other languages in the future as well.

Spare time

Even when I’m not working, I’m busy with computers and software. I enjoy reading articles about programming, but plenty of other subjects as well! In other words, I like to learn new things. That’s why I’m currently spending time finding out about do-it-yourself in the house, and gardening. And although I guess it almost goes without saying that I often play computer games, old-fashioned board games are just as enjoyable. And the occasional film or TV series. And last but not least, I have a couple of pets. My cat Mozzy and my axolotis. An axolotis is a Mexican water salamander that can grow its own body parts (including brains!). And… they always look really happy 🙂

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