Eek Orangutan

Eek O’Rangutan



At the beginning of 1998, BSL was joined by Eek. Nobody knows exactly what he does,  but he  – perhaps influenced by a famous family member – claims he is a librarian. Nobody at BSL believes this, but as long as he doesn’t leave banana peels around the office and doesn’t eat our lunch, we’re fine with that. He has never been known to buy a round of drinks, using the poor – but unfortunately accurate – excuse that he has nowhere to keep a wallet.


His hobbies are apparently eating, drinking (excessively), and picking fleas. He is a very low cost resource (we pay him peanuts).

His favourite things include: eating Marco Borsato cd’s, Discworld, eating soft fruits, brachiating, and saying ‘ook’.

His least favourite things include: listening to Marco Borsato cd’s, street organs (he established Apes Against Street Organs), buying drinks (eek!), being called ‘Monkey’, anything that can be loosely classified as work.

“Te audire no possum. Musa sapientum fixa est in aure.”

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