Stichting Lezen, Reading Planner Website - Reading is an initiative of Stichting Lezen (Dutch Institute for Reading), an organization that provides guidance for those who want to promote reading skills. The web site provides a practical instrument with which schools and childcare organizations can create their own reading plans, using the Reading Planner incrementally developed by BSL together with the Institute. The web site was developed by BSL, using the report ‘De Doorgaande Leeslijn‘ (‘the continuous reading line’) as the basis, a document published by Stichting Lezen in 2009. complements the web site and the BSL-developed web site

Drupal CMS has been created using a Drupal CMS, and an interface design created by Lava (Amsterdam). The site guides users during the creation and description of reading plans, drawing on a library of project information found in the national ‘Project Bank’. Users can create and publish any number of reading plans, whilst the project bank is continually expanded with the addition of new contents. The interface required several modifications to be made in Drupal, as well as the development of two completely custom modules.

BSL Module: ‘Reading Planner’

Using the Reading Planner, institutions create their own plans, based on a time line describing how their pupils will work on advancing their reading skills. A reading plan covers one school year, and makes use of a number of teaching blocks and exercises – usually selected from the ‘Project Bank’. BSL developed a custom module for the creation and management of individual reading plans. This was updated in mid 2012 in order to distinguish between the three main age groups for which the site is designed: kindergarden, primary and secondary schools. Each type of reading plan can contain information specifically aimed at a particular age group.

BSL Module: Project Bank

The ‘Project Bank’ is a national library of projects and ideas – a treasure trove of information designed to encourage reading among 5-18 year olds. New projects can be added, and described using many criteria. These are used by end users to select project ideas when creating their own reading plans.

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