Photo Editorial System

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Unique Photo Editorial System – FRS

PCM Publishers (PCM) was one of the largest publishers in the Netherlands. Most noteworthy, they published several national newspapers, in addition to regional titles, and specialist magazines. Due to Belgian publisher ‘De Persgroep’ acquiring PCM in 2009, the company name changed to the ‘De Persgroep Nederland’. Hence ‘De Persgroep Nederland’ now publishes most of the former PCM titles including the Algemeen Dagblad, de Volkskrant, Trouw, and Het Parool.

Photo Editorial System

PCM receives thousands of photos each day from press bureaus, freelancers and in-house photographers. In addition to the large number of images, there was another problem – they arrive in a variety of differing formats. Furthermore, each editorial team has access to different image suppliers – although some sources are shared by the teams. Therefore there were a number of unique challenges faced by PCM, and they couldn’t find an “off-the-shelf” system that met their needs. As a result, they looked for a developer who could deliver a high-performance photo editorial system designed specially for the PCM. BSL was chosen, and we provided the solution.

Unique Photo Editorial System - FRS (Photo: Ritzo ten Cate)
Unique Photo Editorial System - FRS

Custom FRS solution 

Most importantly, PCM photo editors need fast access to the most recent images. Time is of the essence for newspapers. So they need to be able to select the best photos, and beat the competition. We have a proven track record in multimedia databases. So when PCM asked us to help design and develop a custom solution, we were happy to accept the challenge.

We worked with their photo editors every step of the way. First refining the requirements and then fine-tuning the design. As a result we could deliver a tailor-made photo editorial system based on BSL’s FRS software that met all their needs. Their system converts, imports and indexes all incoming images almost instantly. In addition to processing the images, we also automatically extract any information embedded in the files. This means that editors can immediately search for the images on the basis of metadata, making them available within seconds of their arrival.

Flexible and Online 24/7

One of the most noteworthy FRS features is that we support multiple teams, sharing a single database. So users access photos on the basis of access rights assigned to each work group. In addition, Photo editors can edit images using our FRS/Edit module. Edits that are only visible to members of the same team. Also any metadata they add is only visible to colleagues who work within the same team. The PCM photo editorial system supports Apple, Windows and web-based clients. Furthermore it was available around the clock, processing and distributing thousands of images each day. Since the introduction, the system remained permanently on-line – even during three major upgrades.

Unique Photo Editorial System - FRS

Feedback from customers helped us to enhance and update FRS. As a result of this close partnership with clients, we created a unique and powerful photo editorial system.

Martyn Simpson

Director, Bright Side of Life

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