ESA ESTEC Brochure – Dutch Language


ESA (European Space Agency) is a collaboration between 18 European countries in the field of space technology. The Dutch-based ESTEC (European Space Research and Technology Centre) is responsible for applications used in telecommunication- and observation satellites, and launch installations.  Effective Risk Management is essential in the space industry. BSL was asked to develop a Risk Visualization System (RVS) on behalf of ESA/ESTEC. The main goals: to minimize risks, managing all safety information and ‘site records’ within a single integrated system.

ESA ESTEC Brochure

In the past each ESA/ESTEC department and location maintained their own safety records, using many different databases. There were also thousands of documents related to safety. These included digital reports, text databases, photos, videos, and 3-D film segments. Working closely with the ESA/ESTEC safety team, BSL designed a single database to integrate data from the various sources. This was based on our innovative asset management technology (FRS). FRS can store an unlimited quantities of digital information and assets. The resulting Risk Visualization System provides access to this information via a custom web-interface. Authorized users can quickly and easily search for safety/risk information, based on technology, risks, location and many more factors. A unique, custom solution.

ESA ESTEC Brochure - Dutch Language

For more information about this project, request the ESA ESTEC brochure 
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