EnToen Nu app

An introduction to Dutch History

EnToen Nu app – The Canon of the Netherlands

The EnToen app is a BSL development, created together with the foundation “entoen.nu” and pedagogical consultancy firm Mediant. Most importantly, the app focuses on the Canon of the Netherlands. This comprises 50 carefully selected snapshots that tell the story of the Netherlands throughout history. Each describes one of the key historical figures, objects or events that contribute to the Netherlands in which we now live.  So it’s easy to understand why the Canon is one of the core objectives of Dutch primary and secondary education.

Using the app, children can learn about the history of the Netherlands in a playful way. As a result, the EnToen Nu App is one of the first  apps that fully meets core educational objectives. We designed the EnToen app for children in group 5 up to and including 8. Consequently we have developed the app so that the age of the user can be used to influence the contents we show.

EnToen Nu app - An introduction to Dutch History
EnToen Nu app - An introduction to Dutch History

Interactive possibilities

First of all, children scroll through a timeline containing many historical events and figures. They can then choose individual topics like ‘Anne Frank’ or ‘Slavery’. Once they choose a subject, a new window opens. Usually this contains a more detailed description, along with an image or video. Most noteworthy, these basic details are supplemented by illustrations, online videos, links to books, museum exhibitions and more! Also, some subjects contain illustrations with hidden information. So by clicking within these pictures, users can interactively discover more details.

Furthermore, we have assigned a number of small projects or tasks to each of the chosen subjects. So by means of a “wheel of fortune”, users spin the wheel, and receive assignments. They can work on these individually, or sometimes in small groups. However, users can spin the wheel again if they want a different assignment. There are three chances to select an assignment, and choose in which size of group to work.

EnToen Nu app - An introduction to Dutch History

Intelligent app management

We manage the contents of the Entoen app using a web-based CMS. Furthermore, the contents are automatically updated from the main entoen.nu website. So any changes are immediately visible to app users. In other words, there is no need to release an app update for each change. The Entoen Nu app was first launched in late 2013. We have since released regular updates between 2014 and 2016. Followed by version 1.4.0 in November 2017.

Download in de App Store Ontdek het op Google Play.

Download in de App Store Ontdek het op Google Play.

The EnToen Nu app is a great example of what we do best. Building apps for iOS and Android that access online databases. In this case, the Canon contents can be maintained on our server. What’s more, any changes are pushed to app users instantly. And of course, we develop native apps using Swift and Java. But also cross-platform hybrid apps based on Phonegap/Cordova. In other words, if you want your data made accessible via mobile apps, get in touch.

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Director, Bright Side of Life

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