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VvE De Corridor – Drupal Reception System

Our office in Breukelen is easy to find, but visitors faced a challenge once they passed through the revolving door. With an unmanned reception, two staircases, a lift, seven companies and twelve doors to choose from over three floors, it wasn’t always clear to visitors where to go. Our solution – a reception system created using Drupal

BSL came up with the design. A Drupal-based web application that guides visitors to their appointments using a centrally-located screen. The display shows the names of visitors, the time of their appointment, and the location. The reception system was initially developed for use in unmanned receptions, but it can just as easily be used in ‘manned’ receptions, such as hotel lobbies, or offices with reception desks.

We’ve since created several other Reception Systems, each including a custom interface, and incorporating features requested by the clients.


To make the reception system more eye-catching, we display more than just appointments. We display short news items and images contributed by the companies who have an account. They can upload their latest news, and photos, which are displayed in a slideshow alongside the day’s appointments. Placing a company logo above the messages makes it clear who has placed each message.

We display local news if no appointments are planned. This can be based on any internal or external information source (RSS feed), and can also include images for each news item.

Due to our use of  Drupal, users don’t need to purchase or install separate software – all they need is a web browser. And because the user interface and modules for adding and updating appointments are tailor-made by BSL, no extra Drupal knowledge is needed.  What’s more, the system can be quickly and easily modified to meet your specific needs.

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Drupal / WordPress / Joomla

Would you like your current website brought up-to-date? Or a completely new responsive website? Our developers have a lot of experience with Drupal. But they also know the ins and outs of WordPress and Joomla too. At BSL we often use standard CMS systems to create front-ends to large content databases. Giving the customers the chance to adjust the content of the front-end website themselves, as often as they wish, without needing support from developers. We can integrate a beautiful Drupal / WordPress website with any of your in-house or third-party services.

Drupal 8 specialists

Drupal 7 users have been cautious about migrating to Drupal 8. And for good reason, as Drupal 8 is a totally new product, more or less rebuilt from scratch. Due to the extensive changes, many popular Drupal 7 modules were not available in the early releases. However, Drupal 8 is now mature – and BSL can help you make the switch. And with almost 200,000 Drupal 8 sites currently online, and Drupal 7 nearing end of life, now is the time to get started.

Flexible, easy-to-manage, accessible websites

Choosing a standard open source CMS such as WordPress or Drupal gives you access to thousands of plugins/modules, as well as hundreds of customizable designs and templates. So we can quickly design and build your next website. Creating secure, SEO friendly, responsive, high performance websites that are easy for you to maintain.

“Some of our custom Reception Systems have presented challenges. How about one using three linked HD screens, with a resolution of 3840 x 6480 pixels? Creating a smooth 60 fps animation on such screens whilst refreshing visitor information means that you need to spend a lot of time optimizing the code.  But quoting the “A team”, it’s always great when a plan comes together!”


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