AMC Image Bank Brochure – Dutch Language

AMC Image Bank

Laboratory workers at the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam used a standard “off-the-shelf”  application to register laboratory test results. BSL was asked to add medical scans and images to the test results and link them to other patient details…

We love a challenge, and produced a design for a custom Apple application that integrates a wide variety of image material (scans, graphs and more) with the test results. We developed the AMC image bank, a high performance network database that links the images to patient details using a hidden terminal interface to their existing Oracle software.

AMC Image Bank Brochure

Our AMC Image solution used our image management software (FRS). FRS can import, compress and store an unlimited number of images. The images can easily be linked to patient details, so that by searching for the lab results, any linked images are displayed alongside the patient details. Along with the image management functions, the software includes a user management module, and a data management interface. This last module was crucially important, giving senior consultants a facility for controlling the database details, adding diagnostic information, and authorizing the work performed by lab technicians.

AMC Image Bank Brochure - Dutch Language

For more information about this project, request the AMC Image Bank brochure
Dutch language only.


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