Experienced Software Development Partners

Experienced Software Development Partners

Looking for a software development partner?

Is your company facing a software challenge in the field of automation, cost reduction or working smarter and more efficiently? BSL is ready to advise you without obligation. We will be happy to rise to the challenge together.

Whether it’s building and linking databases, designing a responsive web application, or developing a mobile app; our designers and developers will get to work on it. Fast, secure and economical software development. And, of course, on time and within budget.

Whether it’s building and linking databases, designing a responsive web application, or developing a mobile app; our designers and developers will get to work on it. Fast, secure and economical software development. And, of course, on time and within budget.

Working with BSL on several software developments has helped us to streamline our internal business processes. We gained experience and know-how from each interaction with the BSL support and development team. They’ve always been extremely accommodating, responding promptly to all our queries. In each case, they’ve suggested solutions that would benefit our business, save costs, and add value to the services we deliver to our clients.

Theo Enache

Senior Associate - Pulse Management Team, PwC

Looking for software development expertise?

Suppose your company wants to automate a business process. Your first challenge is to find a reliable software development partner to turn your business process into a working solution. And if you’re to trust a developer with your business, probably the most critical factors include their track record and experience. Our expertise, skills and flexible maintenance agreements mean that we’re able to take full responsibility for delivering and maintaining custom software.  As a result, we’ve worked with some customers for more than 20 years. Probably unique in the software industry!

A long-term partnership with a major bank

“We originally developed the ABN AMRO Signature Registration System (SRS) more than twenty years ago, and continue to maintain and update SRS. There have been many changes over the years. Keeping their software in line with their requirements, infrastructure and changing standards.”

Are you wondering how we would approach the development of your software?

Why not make an appointment with our software specialists? Just a single online call is all we need. We can deliver a development plan, a cost estimate, and an estimate of the time we need to create the first version of your software. Get in touch, and we’ll get back to you.

“We’re very satisfied with BSL’s services over the years.”

“BSL can help enlighten our tech team!”, PWC

Do you need help to optimise and automate your business processes?

Are you looking for a software solution to manage large amounts of data or deliver better insights into your business processes? We have knowledge management and AI techniques in-house, that will make your content accessible and easier to manage. With our extensive experience of mobile apps and responsive website design, we can guarantee secure and direct access to information on any device. On the go, at home or in the office.

Delivering custom industry briefings to PwC consultants throughout the world

“In the past, PwC employed many information specialists to brief their consultants using sources such as Factiva, Lexis Nexis, Forrester and Gartner. These news services deliver thousands of articles each day, all of which had to be processed individually. Human resources alone couldn’t provide an effective solution. As a result, consultants wasted over 26% of their time searching online for the information they needed. PwC looked to technology to make these briefings more efficient, and save costs. They approached BSL because of our experience with knowledge management solutions. Our developers came up with a custom-made news alert system called Pulse. Pulse is now a global system, used within PwC throughout the world.”

We can help, so please get in touch

Why not make an appointment with our software development specialists? We can usually deliver a development plan and a cost estimate within a few days of our first online call. Get in touch, and we’ll get back to you immediately.

“BSL thanks for your cooperation and excellent preparation.”, PWC

Looking for a development partner to take responsibility for your IT?

Are your systems looking outdated, or do they no longer meet your needs? Perhaps your infrastructure costs are too high, or you want to migrate your software to the Cloud? Do you need help and expertise to get your IT systems in order? Our experts can advise you on cloud solutions that will save you money. And we’ll relieve you from the headache of maintaining your IT infrastructure, so you can focus on what matters: Your business’s future growth.

Reducing your IT service costs with the right cloud solutions

“BSL recently migrated an Oracle 12 database application to an Azure SQL Server, on behalf of a bank. As a result, they no longer need new Oracle licenses, and they no longer need to manage the database on their servers. Their data is secure in an Azure SQL database, that’s backed up each day – and Microsoft automatically updates the software as needed. Hosting your software in the Cloud can reduce your operational costs while also providing better availability, scalability, and security.”

An online call with our cloud solutions specialists is all it takes

BSL offers cloud solutions based on Azure, Oracle Cloud services, or Amazon Web Services.​ All you need to do is get in touch, and we’ll provide you with a software development plan to improve your IT services.

“We have complete confidence in BSL”, Startup, Amsterdam

“BSL thanks for your cooperation and excellent preparation”, NBD Biblion

Keeping ahead of the competition?

Modern, innovative and secure IT systems all play a crucial role in staying ahead of your competitors. Business processes, Business intelligence, data management and online sales and marketing are just some of the business services that require continuous innovation and development. Long-term partnerships with clients help us play an active role in IT developments, delivering economic, flexible and easy-to-use solutions.

Up-to-date, modern, proactive software development partner

“The NBD Biblion “Media Information Production System” (MIPS) is at the heart of many of their products. We designed and developed MIPS together with NBD. Since this initial project, we’ve extended and improved MIPS each year. We’ve created API’s and web-services so new products and third parties can easily access MIPS information. The benefits to NBD of our long-term partnership have led to BSL helping to design and develop more than fifteen other products and websites. All of which we maintain on their behalf at a fixed cost each year. We’re their sparring partner, technical consultants, and trusted development partner.”

Looking for a long-term IT partner to keep your software running?

BSL can help you beat the competition, and provide support whenever you need it. An online call is all it takes.

“We have complete confidence in BSL.”, NBD Biblion

What our clients say

“We received excellent assistance from BSL when redesigning our Careers site. They set up a design framework, so it’s easy to maintain and update the site contents. They were always available to guide and support us. They integrated Workable cloud services, so our new job vacancies appear automatically. Best of all, BSL delivered all this quickly – without losing sight of quality.”
Erin Hendriks – HR Data Intelligence Officer, Keylane


“Our long-term collaboration with BSL helped us to develop new management and maintenance agreements during 2020. Software updates, security updates, fixes for software problems, and improvements to NBD Biblion solutions designed by BSL are taken up proactively and implemented in good cooperation. Their services provide us with a reliable platform that we can build on.”
Raymond van Gent, Manager Business Operations NBD Biblion


“Working with BSL on several projects has helped us to streamline our internal business processes. We gained experience and know-how from each interaction with BSL. They have always been very helpful, promptly responded to our queries. They’ve always suggested solutions that would benefit our business, save costs, and add value to the product we provide to our clients.”
Theo Enache, Senior Associate, PwC


“We are amazingly proud of the work BSL has done for us. BSL’s team worked with us through professional, well-thought-out website design, development, and content editing processes. Their commitment to quality, technical expertise, and process discipline is inspiring. They delivered a Corporate site that meets our expectations and gets awesome feedback from our customers and investors.”
Cristina Cocco, Marketing Director, WCC Group


“Keylane wants people to be themselves. That’s why we’ve agreed to behave exactly the same way at work, as we do at home. Simply because it makes us happy and we believe a company is only as awesome as the people within it. That’s why we strive to bring onboard passionate people with amazing talent, and we work hard to support them in both professional and personal health and development.”
Manager Talent Acquisition, Keylane


“For WCC, a fast growing company, attracting new staff is very important. That’s why we wanted a modern, fresh looking career site that can be used on all platforms. And created with Drupal. BSL has done that perfectly. Throughout the project BSL kept us informed, and they were flexible when we needed a little time. And all that within budget. Fantastic!”
HRM Team, WCC Group


“With regard to technical development and infrastructure management, The Bright Side of Life in Breukelen has been a particularly constructive and creative partner for all these years.”
Jef van Gool, Product owner Literatuurplein


”During the first month after the site was launched, VROUW.nl reached more than one million unique users. That was just the beginning. 2,213,135 users visited the site in April 2016, 42% via mobile, 20% via tablet and 38% via desktop. With these results, VROUW.nl is in the top 3 of most popular websites for women in the Netherlands within three months.”
Telegraaf Media Group


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    “The success of our clients is crucial to the Bright Side of Software. So our software development is carried out in close partnership with these clients. Building long-term relationships – supporting and enhancing applications as client needs change over time.”

    Martyn Simpson

    Director, Bright Side of Life Computer Consultancy

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