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Are you looking for custom software solutions? Then talk to BSL. We are a software development company with a real passion for developing custom software. On-time and on-budget. And we’ve been doing that successfully for more than 25 years. Your knowledge and requirements partnered with our expertise, experience and attention to detail will help us to create your (web) applications quickly, and cost-effectively. Secure, and easy-to-use solutions that will help your business. Interested? Then get in touch, tell us what you need.

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Developing Custom Software

Custom software

We’ve been developing custom software for more than 25 years. We create fully responsive web applications and web services for desktops, mobiles, and tablets. Cost effective, fast, flexible and easy to maintain.

Intercity or Stop Train?

Choose the strategy. Custom software in a single release? Or a flexible Scrum approach. So regular updates, fine-tuning the software after each Sprint? We’ll help you decide, and keep you informed throughout the project!

Our 'Den of Geek'

Our experienced software developers and designers listen. They deliver web applications that meet your every need. And if your  requirements change, we’ll be ready to support you and introduce changes in the future.


Content experts

Want to manage and understand your data better? We have a range of database and knowledge management techniques at our fingertips. So we can make your content/data accessible and easy to manage.

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Working with our clients, reaching new heights

Your knowledge and needs. Our technical expertise and attention to detail. Together we can create exceptional and cost-effective software for your company. Our software will help reduce your costs and increase your efficiency. 

A small selection from our portfolio


Examples of developing custom software where we’ve been involved from day one.
Software that’s easy to maintain and improve, keeping abreast of changing requirements and new technology.

Developing custom software - BSL Client - ABN AMRO



In this digital age it’s surprising to remember that many company transactions are still dependent on having the correct signatures on agreements. This results in a lot of administration within banks and other international organizations. After ABN AMRO approached BSL with this problem, we created a custom-made software solution: ABN AMRO SRS.  An easy-to-use and secure system used by ABN AMRO bank managers to manage signatures and Powers of Attorney worldwide.



Pulse is a custom news- and alert service, designed and developed by BSL using Oracle™ and Exalead. Pulse indexes tens of thousands of premium articles (from services such as  Factiva, Gartner, Forrester, IDC…) received each day, in real-time. It provides PwC professionals working throughout Europe with thousands of profiled news feeds. Not only via the company website, but via e-mail and their smartphones. By automatically selecting the best content, Pulse keeps PwC consultants up-to-date with the latest business developments.

Developing custom software - BSL Client - PricewaterhouseCoopers
Developing custom software - BSL Client - NBD Biblion

NBD Biblion


With hundreds of new books and media titles published each week, NBD Biblion has their hands full. Reviewing, cataloguing and describing every new title as soon as possible. Providing libraries and schools throughout the Netherlands with recommendations, and delivering thousands of new books each week. BSL created a complete ‘Media Production System’ (MIPS) for NBD, based on a central Oracle™ database. MIPS imports and enriches content from OCLC and the Centraal Boekenhuis. It manages the workflow and production process, as well as their multimedia content. A great example of a unique solution created by our developers.



The digital platform aims to be the platform for the modern Dutch woman. During the project two of our Drupal CMS specialists helped create this modern high-performance TMG website – as well as the more recent Telesport project. Working as part of a SCRUM team, they designed many of the Drupal modules used within the site. They created links to the TMG editorial systems, and developed the site in a series of two-weekly scrums based on the product backlog. In just three months we delivered a responsive high-traffic website, that can be used from almost any browser.

Developing custom software - BSL Client - TMG -

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