BSL is extremely experienced in the use of Oracle databases – we have been an Oracle partner for many years. Our developers were recently invited to take part in a MySQL Bootcamp. The aim? To learn more about the MySQL Enterprise edition, the commercial version of this product.

What is MySQL?

MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database. It’s therefore no coincidence that MySQL is supplied as part of LAMP. The LAMP web development platform bundles together the 4 open-source components used most frequently in web applications. Namely Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.  Such is it’s success that MySQL is now used in large commercial organizations such as Google, Twitter, Facebook. As well as leading Web applications such as

Oracle takeover

Oracle took over MySQL in 2010. At the time, there were concerns about the product’s future as Oracle has its own database. However these concerns proved unfounded. Oracle continues to develop MySQL. MySQL is freely available under a GPL license. However, developers and businesses can also choose to purchase a commercial edition, giving them access to support services and a range of additional plugins. For example, backup, data masking or auditing plugins. We’ll come back to some of these later in the blog.


The 3-day Bootcamp was a mixture of theory provided by trainers, followed by hands-on experience in a series of workshops. Servers were available running both Linux and Windows. Firstly we were told about the basics of MySQL. We then installed MySQL on both platforms, and created users. And because we were working with MySQL version 8, we were able to use the new MySQL client shell. Features in this updated shell include support for automatic text completion, searches for previously used commands, and JavaScript/Python commands.


Food for thought

Oracle not only fed our brains but our stomachs too! To help us to absorb all the new information, Oracle arranged an energy-packed lunch each day. Dishes of sausages, pasta, potatoes, and more besides. And for anyone that may have missed breakfast (or just had a big appetite), there were sandwiches in the morning, and biscuits and snacks throughout the day.


What did we learn?

Fully energized,  we learnt about the internal workings of MySQL. Including how tables, rows and indexes are created and stored. We learnt too how the MySQL Documents Store plugin supports record storage in JSON. The JSON is validated by the database, and even the individual fields are accessible! We also discovered how the Firewall works. How it can block SQL statements if they are not included in a whitelist of permitted statements. At the same time, we could monitor the database using the MySQL Enterprise Monitor. The Monitor not only gives information about, for example, complex, ineffective statements. But recommendations for improvements too. And to round off the practical training, we set up database replication using a master/slave system.

Participants in the MySQL Bootcamp

Oracle - MySQL Bootcamp

Jurjen Schröder
Java developer at BSL, responsible for projects such as PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC) Pulse and ABN AMRO SRS.

Specialist areas:
– Design and development of Java applications
– Development of web pages using JavaScript and HTML.

How I’ll apply the Bootcamp knowledge:
– To build on and expand my database knowledge. Until now, I’ve mainly used databases using simple, hand-written queries. I found it particularly interesting to learn about setting up backups and replications for your database.


Oracle - MySQL
Eric Wijnands

Software architect at BSL, responsible for projects such as NBD Biblion MIPS/MOM, ABN AMRO SRS, Literatuurplein, and CRV Mediabank.

Specialist areas:
– Consultancy, functional/technical design
– Design-/development of Oracle, SQL Server databases
– Software development

How I’ll apply the Bootcamp knowledge:
– When advising clients about solutions where MySQL Enterprise can play a role, or where it can be an alternative for Oracle.

MySQL Bootcamp – a valuable experience

So all in all, a really valuable training! If you would like to know more about MySQL, and the benefits of the commercial edition, or if you need help with your MySQL project, then contact BSL. We have the know-how and skills in-house!

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