We’d like to welcome Gabriella, the newest addition to our team. She will be working as a Front-end Developer, but will be putting her online marketing skills to good use too.


Language skills

So what is the link between computer languages, and Hungarian? Well, Gabriella is fluent in four languages: English, Romanian, German, and Hungarian. And she is well on the way to a fifth – Dutch! But at the Bright Side of Life, she wants to improve her skills in other types of languages too. Because becoming a Full-stack Developer is her current goal. Working initially as a junior Front-end Developer, Gabriella will be able to learn from the wealth of experience found within BSL to develop her JavaScript, PHP, CSS and other web development skills yet further.

From Romania to Amsterdam

Gabriella was born in Transylvania. A region in Romania where a mix of cultures is combined with beautiful landscapes filled with forests and mountains, picturesque cities and peasant life. “Sometimes it is as if time stands still there”, says Gabriella. And  that’s why in 2011 she moved to the Netherlands, after she finished her Bachelor’s in Marketing at the University of Brasov
Gabriella  wanted to see more of the world, and Amsterdam seemed like a good place to start. But she admits, it was in fact such a great start, that the rest of the world no longer seemed as attractive anymore. Before joining BSL, she worked in various sales and marketing functions, mostly in tourism and the leisure industry. 

Front-end Developer & Marketing skills

Not only is Gabriella a Front-end Developer, she also knows her way around in Marketing. Gabriella had learned that the tool set for the new marketer must include technical knowledge about websites. The latest generation of marketer is not afraid to experiment and test new ideas, using all the available channels and technologies. From social media to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). From affiliate to SEA (Search Engine Advertising). Gabriella soon found synergy with WordPress and has been working with it ever since. She is able to create a website from scratch, combining her skills to ensure its suitability for online marketing ends. Because as well as looking good and performing well, the data a website generates is equally important in marketing terms. What Gabriella enjoys the most is seeing how tiny tweaks can bring-in  a completely different audience. And of course, how small adjustments can improve or drop a site’s ranking.

Come and join our team?

Do you want to work as a Front-end Developer? We are always looking for new, talented developers to join our team. Look through the opportunities, or send us an open job application.


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