AFAS Software – Applications For Administrative Solutions – is a Dutch company, started in 1996. Their mission? “Developing software for consumers and businesses in a socially responsible manner, where customers, employees and the environment are key.” And BSL’s mission? We are integrating AFAS software into the workflow for a recruitment website. Learn more in our blog…

About AFAS Software

AFAS Software delivers administrative solutions to businesses. They provide a range of business solutions to optimize performance in areas such as HR, Finance and Payroll.

AFAS Business solutions

AFAS software streamlines many business processes, and automates as many administrative tasks as possible. This means that their clients have more time to focus on their core activities. The company has more than 20 years experience, so they can quickly and easily configure their software to meet each client’s needs.

In recent years, AFAS have focused on creating Cloud Services, with data centres located in the Netherlands. Called AFAS Online, clients can access these services anywhere and at any time. All their services have been ISO 9001/ ISO 27001 certified, therefore ensuring they are safe and secure. They regularly hire in external parties to perform attack- and penetration tests, so ensuring their security. Because their online services are available on subscription, start-up costs for new AFAS clients are low.

Human Resources solutions

Many clients use AFAS software for payroll automation. Furthermore, their clients can easily extend the scope of their licenses to include Business Accounting and HR too.
HR activities can be very labor intensive – especially in companies with rapid growth. Recruitment, career planning, employee coaching and personal development plans require a lot of attention. There are many routine tasks as well, such as processing leave requests, absences, and contract changes. Since AFAS software handles many of these chores, HR personnel gain time for more interesting work. AFAS even provides self-service dashboards for use by employees and their managers. This means the whole process is less prone to error, and requires minimal intervention.


AFAS software is used extensively by one of our clients. BSL therefore has the challenge of integrating AFAS services into a website we are developing on their behalf. This is a new recruitment site (based on Drupal) that advertises and promotes job openings. The client uses AFAS to create and manage these openings.

We are linking job applications to the AFAS HR database. Fortunately, AFAS provides an excellent set of documentation, and a range of online web services based on SOAP or JSON. This means that our developers can create new Drupal modules linked to AFAS. So every time a new candidate applies for a job, we enter all his/her details into AFAS. We then upload any documents (PDF’s, Word files etc.), and attach them to the applicant’s dossier.

BSL integrates AFAS software

Our software notifies HR employees as soon as a new application is uploaded. As a result they can view the job applications in AFAS and read any attachments almost immediately. Quick, and efficient. Which just about sums up the Bright Side of Life! Probably one of the reasons that we were chosen for this project.

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