Recruiting good technical personnel is a challenge right now. Good developers, designers, consultants and account managers are scarce. An innovative solution is required – which is why a fast-growing international software company has turned to our Drupal website developers for help. We are creating a dedicated recruitment website on their behalf…

The Client

Our client is based in Utrecht – and they are growing fast. Their focus is in sectors such as identity management/matching, and personnel matching. They need more employees in order to meet the international demand for their services. Experienced Java engineers, Scrum Masters and Account Managers who have the skills needed to work on government-level projects. They already use many channels to help with their search, but they now want a dedicated recruitment website. A fully responsive site that can reach a new smartphone / tablet audience.

The Client’s Choice – Drupal

A Drupal Content Management System is used for their current corporate site. So it’s no surprise that they have chosen Drupal for their new site. A design bureau has been working on ideas over recent months. And now it’s time to build the site, they’ve turned to BSL to work on the development. An excellent choice 😉

BSL – Drupal website developers

Drupal is a CMS that we use for many developments of this type. Drupal is a flexible CMS that makes it easy for clients to maintain the contents themselves. A Drupal website can be hosted almost anywhere, so it’s flexible and easy to maintain. What’s more, our Drupal website developers can create even complex sites in just a few weeks.


Several challenges make this project interesting for BSL…

In the first place, the client already has a more or less complete design. Screens, navigation, animations are already available. So our first challenge is to implement this design. Pixel perfect, just as the designers intended. This isn’t always easy. For example, it’s difficult to support all browsers and device types when creating animations.

Secondly, the website must be responsive. More than 50% of potential website visitors will be using mobile devices. However, every part of the site has to look good – and also has to perform well, on every type of device. Even over slow connections. Drupal is not always the easiest CMS to use for responsive designs, but our Drupal website developers know all the tricks. We can ensure that the site looks great in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. And on iOS/Android devices too.

And last but not least, the new recruitment site needs to share information with in-house systems, and with third party web services. The new website will be linked to AFAS Profit using SOAP or REST web services. BSL will create a new Drupal module that can save job applications, CVs and personnel information in the AFAS system used by our client for recruitment. This means that any new job applications will be immediately visible to their HR team. 


Why choose the Bright Side of Software?

A fast-growing company needs new colleagues quickly. So it’s important that the new recruitment site will be ready as soon as possible. We deliver custom websites and software quickly, and reliably. Our short communication lines help, both within BSL, and when giving feedback or updates to our clients. And our experienced, close-knit development teams know how to work together to produce high quality, reliable software. 

A quick start

We’ve taken the existing designs, producing sketches and wire-frames for any missing screens. At the same time, we are making every effort to make it as easy as possible for the client to maintain the site. Adding and updating their vacancies without the need for any support from BSL. 
We are creating templates they can use to produce complete pages for each vacancy. Describing their work, and how it feels to work within their organization. The website will be unique, offering ease-of-use, and a new experience for potential employees. 
Once we get a sign-off for the designs, the development work begins. The Drupal website developers are ready and waiting to make a start, so we expect to deliver the first versions within just a few short weeks.

A new website for your company?

If you’re interested in creating your own website or web application, or would like to give your current site a new ‘look and feel’, get in touch. No strings attached. Our designers and developers will be happy to help. 

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